Saturday, April 11, 2009

Redneck Roadtrip

On most Saturday mornings, I walk with a good friend at Radnor Lake. This morning was cool and damp but beautiful. Flowers are starting to bloom everywhere when just days before the ground was covered in dead leaves and dirt. Usually we see a couple dozen deer out eating breakfast but this morning there were none. Maybe they are still recovering from the storms.

Mitch and I decided to drive to Dickson, Tn. today to hit their Goodwill. We took the winding country roads for a change of scenery. The highway is just so...boring. Before hitting the road, we went to Leiper's Fork and had a snack at Puckett's.

Scenes from the long and winding road to Dickson and back. Kinda spooky, right? I was dying to go exploring inside the house. And although I was also dying for a restroom, I decided to pass on the convenience store. Eww.

Back home, I put this here belt up on

And here's a peek at my vintage pattern collection. I don't even know how to sew from a pattern, so I collect these because...? Well, because of the amazing illustrations of course! I mean, who can resist the masquerade mask girl? Not I!

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  1. I love going from the latest post to the first few on a new to me blog, it's like the before and after.
    Amazing that here you can't sew from a pattern, and now you're making and modeling all those gorgeous dresses.


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