Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An Apron for Mom

My mom is visiting this week from Indiana. We've got no big plans, just a little shopping, eating and spending time together. Not exactly the stuff Lifetime movies are made of but that's not our style. We're more "Terms of Endearment" that quickly becomes "Throw Mama From the Train" after a couple of days.

A while ago mom asked me to make her an apron. I finally finished this one for her as a belated Mother's Day prez. It looks very Snow White to me with the little embroidered birds (a vintage tea towel). No need to worry about this getting dirty in the kitchen.
We don't really cook in our fam. This could explain why my meals involve A Box, A Pound of Meat and A Pan. Add some No Bake Cookies for dessert and I'm in heaven. Thanks, Ma!

Since the Scorpion Incident, I've had this band on my mind. Did you know they were from Germany? Here I am...Rock You Like a Hurricane!

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  1. I love the apron. I've been wanting one. I'm messy while cooking and I get baby snot on all my clothes.


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