Monday, May 18, 2009

Glamour Shots

Does anyone else remember that cheesy picture-taking place at the mall...Glamour Shots? You could go in with your boyfriend-of-the-moment, wear his giant letter jacket and his class ring wound with yarn, gaze into his eyes and have a memory that unfortunately lasts a lifetime. No need to worry about that kind of photo coming back to haunt me. The closest I ever got to a letter jacket was the one my dad had in high school that he still treasures like it's the holy grail.

Where was I going with this? Oh, yeah, these new photos. I was in buckle production this weekend as I've almost ran out. With what buckles I did have left, I put together these belts. I wanted to deviate from the other photos I've posted on etsy and try something a little...different. So, here are my Glamour Shots. Sans the embarrassing moments years down the road (I hope).

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  1. Rachel5/20/2009

    My father in law has a glamour shot of my mother in law on his desk. She is wearing a fur jacket and her hand is posed flipping up the collar. It got the hazy filter effect, too. For real-I couldn't make that up!


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