Monday, June 22, 2009

Aww, Nuts!

WARNING: For those that I have extended an open invite to visit me in beautiful Tennessee (and if I've not invited you, consider yourself invited!) please do not read the end of this blog. Thank you.

Well, on Sunday Mitch and I decided to kayak on the Harpeth River. Along with everyone else in the state of TN and beyond. This is the first time I'd been out all year so it is taking every amount of strength to just lift my arms to type these words (see how I suffer for the love of blogging?). It was a lot of fun but 12 miles and 4 hours later, I was exhausted. The kind of tired that leaves you feeling like a puddle when you sit down and pulling yourself up requires Herculean strength. I'm better now. Except for the arm thing.

Would you look at these views? On the Harpeth, you pass by wild life, cliffs, rednecks, floating beer cans, you get the picture. It's beautiful if your eyes can delete some of the not-so-pretty.
Oh, that reminds me, I'll have to tell you the story of our first Harpeth River canoe experience that involves a Ganoe (yes, I said "ga"...), a redneck shooting fish with a cross bow and his cooler full of beer and a rattle snake. I'll save it for another time...

Okay, here's the end of the blog for my potential visit-me-in-Tennessee friends. Thanks for stopping by. See ya!

Um, okay, I know you aren't going anywhere so you might as well read on. What's this? Will ya lookie here? Why it's a para-nuts on the back of that pickup! Duh, doesn't your pickup have a nut sack swinging from the back? Why not, is your truck a sissy? Mitch and I just about died when we saw this in the parking lot of the canoe rental place. I couldn't get my camera out fast enough! And then came the joy of noticing the stickers all over the back windsheid...I felt like I'd won the lottery! Until owner of the truck sauntered up. "I'm just taking pictures of your balls" says me "Well, not YOUR balls, but your truck's". Red didn't seem to mind. He did explain that the look wasn't entirely complete because he was looking for "the other part" you see. Well, a masterpiece is never complete in the eyes of a true artist, says me.

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  1. I think the nutsack is the newest trend in redneck vehicles. There is one in Wabash that appears to be some sort of rubber bag with two balls in it. Now that's classy.

    You are tough for kayaking that far. We canoe and I make sure I do as little paddling as possible!


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