Friday, June 19, 2009

Gettin' Schooled

Some of you non-teacher-people out there might not know this but teachers are constantly taking classes. We have to acquire so many hours (24) during the course of the school year or something really bad happens. I'm not sure what that is...we have to eat cafeteria food for a month or take the In School Suspension kids to Chuck-E-Cheese. Something along those lines. Regardless, the art teachers in my district and I take it upon ourselves to find the best classes. So on Wednesday, we all hung out with The Clay Lady.

The Clay Lady is The Bomb. Seriously. She travels all over Nashville and beyond teaching throngs of kids to make a masterpiece in 60 minutes or less. Then she loads up all of their work, fires it and ships it all back. If you google her, you'll find she's written some great books on her teaching techniques.

Teaching us how to work on the wheel was probably more difficult that working with the Pre-K set. Turns out I'm not a good listener, I'm impatient and I give up easily (hey, wasn't this what Mrs. Cheek wrote on the back of my 2nd grade report card?!). It's very interesting to be a student when you are so used to being the teacher. Maybe it'll make me more compassionate come August (right, for like, 2 days!).

At the end of the day, most of the Art Ladies had thrown at least 2 pots with some of the more gifted students (huh!) throwing 3. It was great fun.

P.S. ...I met the owner of a great shop in Hillsboro Village today...and she bought 5 belts for her store!

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  1. Great to see all of the art ladies in action! Miss you guys! As soon as we sell our house (hopefully soon) we'll be back in Nashvegas! Can't wait! Pangaea is probably one of my favorite Nashville stores by the way; congrats!


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