Sunday, July 26, 2009

(Now-Not-So-Little) Black Dress Part 2

Okay, so I fixed the oops-the-dress-is-wider-than-the-ruffle issue and the Great Dress Mess of 2009 has been resolved. Whew! I cut that striped fabric in half, inserted more fabric, ruffled it and sewed it to the dress. Just like how all of the sewing pros do it, I'm sure.

I really REALLY wanted to add more to this dress. Like a ruffle around the neckline or the sleeves or a little down the middle. But every time I pinned it in place, it just looked so hoe-down-ish. Something this hoe was not down with. So I decided to show restraint (shocking!) and added some vintage buttons to the neckline instead. Too bad my Crystal Gayle hair just ends up covering it up. Oh well...

Hey! Guess who yakked up into an electrical outlet causing our house to smell like we were having a hairball bar-be-que? We came some from the movies to a lil smoke and smell coming from the floor outlet. I'm telling you, this cat is the bad seed and she's going to be the end of me! Oh but how I woves her wittle furwie fawce!

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  1. Alison7/26/2009

    We want electrical outlet for BQ!


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