Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I love Cincinnati in the Summertime

Paris may have an Eiffel Tower, but big whoop says me. Is their Tower surrounded by roller coasters, $7 dollar chili cheese coneys and mass quantities of screamy-yelly Americans? Well, probably YES to the last one, but we got 'em on the coasters and the over-priced grease bombs, yo. I'll take my Freedom Fries topped with chili, cheese AND onions, merci beaucop.

Mitch and I decided to take a little road trip to Cincinnati and hit Kings Island. We haven't been there in several years and they've got this amazing new coaster called Diamondback. But so many other goofy things happened on this trip, lemme give you a run down:

This Dress: I wore to Lollapalooza. Geez, does that date me or what? It was huge on me then and had a spot on the front. I chopped off the bottom a while back and made a belt...then recently decided to add ruffles (surprise!) to the bottom and tailor the fit at the top. I'm cracking up because when Mitch took this picture a distracted kid walked right into his butt.

Gettin' There: I was in charge of navigating the trip. We ended up at Coney Island instead of Kings Island and taking an extra 30 minute tour of Cincinnati. Oops.

Butter Jesus: I had recently heard about Butter Jesus (aka "I Can't Believe It's Not Jesus"..."Country Fresh Jesus"...etc.) on the Nash Trash Tour and just about flipped out when we passed him by on the highway. Can you believe this sculpture? Words fail me.


The Thrifting: Is amazing in Cincinnati. Their thrift stores were clean and look at this groovy fabric! So very psychedelic. Much better than just plain psycho, like the dude I encountered at Value Valley Thrift. Dude had picked up a "massage" tool that, when turned on, lit up, vibrated and twirled. When I made the grave error of glancing over at him he said "Lemme try it out on ya!" to which I started to reply "No, tha--" and doncha know dude laid that thing on my arm! I woulda much rather he work on that knot in my back, or better yet...oh, never mind.


  1. One of my best friends lives at that exit where Jesus is! Janet & I always have a tradition..when we go back to Ohio we call each other when we pass him and say, "I SEE JESUS". However..Janet refers to him as Scary Jesus. He is also known as Touchdown Jesus. There are all kinds of flairs on facebook that have him holding things!

  2. We just went to King's Island on our Honeymoon!!! It was a toss-up between that and the Creation Museum :)


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