Monday, August 17, 2009

The Cookie Blob

I've been back at school for a week now. I've got 9 classes a day, that's about 180 kids give er take. Like every other teacher across the universe, I'm talking about such exciting things as Class Procedures! Rules! Consequences! Where NOT to shove your marker! You know, the usual.
At the top of this teachers rules is ... can you guess ... FOLLOW DIRECTIONS. I blather on and on about the importance of it all. Only to be the worst directions follower ever.
Take, for example, tonight's dessert. I dunno what inspired me to even make dinner, let alone dessert (guess who's been sniffing the markers) but I was so excited that I only glanced at the picture when throwing together these cookies. Oh, lookie! I need a WHOLE STICK OF BUTTER.

Seriously? Not even a red flag went up when I added the whole thing. Only when I opened the oven and saw The Cookie Blob did I go back and actually READ the directions. Oops, I thought. Well, let's see if adding marshmellows to the top can save this thing.

And doncha wasn't half bad. Mitch is pretty used to my cooking, so he just laughed, shrugged and proceeded to devour most of the mess. The verdict? "Not doesn't really taste like a cookie though". Hm, I wonder if that could be because it's basically cooked butter with chips and 'mellows?!

Julia Child, I am not.


  1. We are so picture oriented it is scary! I'm with ya on the motivated tonight... I made 72 cup cakes tonight! I have about 55ish students, at least one for each and then extra for some staff... all for my birthday! what an excellent excuse to make cupcakes!

  2. Julia Child would be proud of you, her motto is butter, butter, and more butter!


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