Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mi Casa es Su Casa

I'm not a very, um, cleanly person. Meaning that most of my dishes are cleanish (Mitch likes to do a sniff test of the glasses in the cupboard while I like to flick off leftover grime with my fingernails), things are kinda picked up (because they are shoved in closets) and you can almost see the hardwood floor through the cat hair. But even this amount of clean is not without effort. I'm not a picker-upper-after-yourselfer. I only do that if I'm expecting company and even then, I need plenty of warning. For example, my mom's coming into town this weekend. Plenty of time for me to actually put the toilet paper onto the dispenser-thingie and clear the food outta the fridge that came with us when we moved...three years ago.

Speaking of expectin' cump'ny, our school is hosting an Open House tomorrow night. So on top of not cleaning my house, I've also not been cleaning my classroom. I'm tryin' to keep it reals, you see. Wouldn't want the parents to get the wrong idea.
The kids and I have managed to get their amazing masterpieces on display. They've been working since the beginning of the year on their stars (because my kids are Art Stars, you see...Art Rock Stars, I think). First day, we learned how to fold and cut out a 5-pointed star (thanks, Ann!), then we discussed line, design and pattern to decorate the sections of the star. This was followed by chats about color theory and correct marker use (my scented markers only smell good, Johnny, they don't taste good). From there we ventured into the world of autobiographical writing (an English teacher I am not, sorry Aunt Lottie). Finally, we chalkafied these bad boys, turned our star into a pop out and glued it onto our backgrounds. Whew! Can you now see why it's taken us so long?! We're absolutely beat. It's colorin' sheets till the end of the year!

Meanwhile, in Kindergartenland, we've been creating sculptures. You know, the kind that got me fired last Friday (read my last post). This one here is a "Spooky Tree" says the artist. Any kind of tree that grows styrofoam is pretty freaky to me. I'm sure it's something Al Gore warned us about.

Look who dropped in uninvited! Caught these pretty guys grazing as I pulled into my neighborhood yesterday. They're always welcome! You other folks, call first, okay? I'll rinse a glass out fer ya!

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  1. so.... how do you cut and fold a five pointed star, I would like to steal this lesson from you, but, no, you won't tell us how to do it!!!!!


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