Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Waxed and Polished

Stuff People Pay to do

that You Couldn't Pay Me to do:

Stuff No. 1: Get a Brazilian Wax.

Even if I looked like Slash in the Netherland Region, there ain't no way I'd do anything about it.

Stuff No. 2: Sit thru the movie "Sex and the City"...again. I'm embarrassed to say I even saw it the first time. I mean, I could literally feel my brain cells jumping out of my ears. I'd have felt smarter if I'd spent my $10 on sharpies and huffed them for 2.5 hours. And to think they are making a second one (I only know this because I've already gotten my tickets!).

Stuff No. 3: Sky Dive.
Okay, maybe if the flight were showing "Sex and the City" and a mad Brazilian Waxer were on board would I consider this one. Why would someone want to jump out of a plane on purpose? I don't get it.

One would think such things as "getting chased by someone wielding a chainsaw hellbent on your demise" or "having a demon-possessed girl with crusted vomit on her nightie snarl in your ear" or even "being attacked by a half dozen height-challenged people dressed as Chucky" would make it to the top of the list...but no. These are the kind of things I actually pay money to do. Me and the kind of people I keep company with.

So this past weekend we made it down to Orlando to Universal Studios for their annual Halloween event. We've been going for several years's Mitch's all-time favorite thing to do. I mean, I enjoy going...he loves going. Like, starts talking about it and planning it out in May. I guess there are worse things for a guy to be addicted 'net diving.

(Emily and Matthew, so glad you dudes were able to come! Happy Anniversary!!)

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  1. on board with you on these three. Still stalking. I will read every post!


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