Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just a Quickie

Can't blurg long because I'm so stinkin' tired. My eyeballs feel like they've been soaked in salt water, my throat's a little scratchy with that could-be-sinus/could-be-a-cold feeling, and I think my spleen is sore. So why am I blogging and whining about? Because I can. It's what I do. If I were one of the Seven Dwarfs, I'd be Complainy (or Bitchy, if it's the NC-17 version).

Oh, look, a fall leaf. Kindergartenland recently finished up these 3-D masterpieces of fall leaves floating on water. We've had a tremendous amount of rain this fall so the theme seemed appropriate.

And some belts. Nashville Clothing Company is having another trunk show at their store in the Gulch (what does that nasty sounding word mean anyway?). It's this Saturday from 1pm to 5pm. Just like before, several of the artists/designers that create the amazing wares at NCC will be there. My belts will be but I will not.

Do you remember the fabric from my recent score? I managed to put together a couple belts with it.

And if you happen to see either of these two crazies on your local news, don't be too surprised. My buddy from Indy is coming to visit this weekend and who knows what kind of trouble will find us. I just hope my spleen can hold out!

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  1. The kindergartenland leaves are just wonderful! They must have a good teacher!!

    I hope you sell lots of belts on Saturday and have a blast with your girlfriend!Feel better too!


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