Monday, November 9, 2009

These Things Take Time

Patience is not something I have plenty of. I mean, if I rolled out of bed everyday to a Snow White kind of morning, with birds pulling back my blankets, squirrels sliding slippers onto my feet and bunnies bringing me Starbucks and crumpets, I'd be so dog-gone patient and nice I'd probably talk bad about myself. As it is, I can hardly drive down the street without rolling my eyes, waving my hands and stringing together cuss words in unheard of ways. To the passerby, I look like a mime doing his best Tom-Cruise-jumping-on-a-couch impersonation.

But for some things, I am very patient. Take knitting for example. I finally finished my ribbed (for her pleasure...does that ever get old? ...don't answer that) scarf. Because I wanted to be able to wrap it around my neck multiple times, I made it with 3 skeins of yarn. I never rushed myself. I knew that it would be finished when it was finished. It couldn't be hurried.

Which got me thinking. About other things that develop over time. Like friendships. My friend Alison visited this weekend. We have been friends with each other for well over 15 years. And although we lost touch for a while (the restraining order prevented me from contacting her), once we reconnected, it was like no time had passed. I think that says a lot.

All this to say, I've been impatient with some things of late. Honestly, there are always some things we'd like to hurry up a little, right? I know I'm not alone. Right now, one of those things is this selling of belts deal. I so badly want them to fly off the shelves and onto waists...but of course, it doesn't happen that way. So, I have to be the dreaded p-word. That and another p-word I'm not always so great at: perseverance. Ugh. Why can't things be a little easier, right?

In the mean time, if my Snow White morning ever does come, I'd like to have one of these here rainbows light my way to work each day!

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  1. Lovely scarf and great color, you won't be cold this winter! Hope you and Alison had a great visit. Would you like me to send my singing birds over?


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