Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Marshmallow Madness Chapter 1

Who could forget the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Who ya gonna call?!

I'm the worst Christmas-present-buyer ever. I never know what people want, what their tastes are or what size they wear. When I go shoppin, my eyes only see what I want, not that silly stuff that others hope I pick up for them.

And buying for my hubs is the absolute worst. On most occasions, I haven't the faintest what he might want. Other times, he'll tell me but it's usually something so dude-esque that I can't stand getting it. An LED flashlight? A radar detector? A camping stove? Booooring.

The Mother's of the 'Mallow: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Powdered Sugar, Gelatin and other stuff

Well, not this year. This year, I lucked out. Hubs walked right up to me and announced:
"I know what I want for Christmas."

I braced myself. Thoughts of a radar detector that can morph into a camping stove and shoot a Bat Man signal into the sky with it's 50 LED lights in case of a roadside emergency popped into my head.

"Um, okay. What?"

"I want to try every different kind of marshmallow there is so I can find the ultimate marshmallow."

Put all other Mothers into a pot and get it hot.

Let me just start by saying that there are some mysteries in life that shall forever remain unanswered:

How does the filling get inside my jelly donut?
Why do round pizzas taste better than square?
Will my head really explode if I eat pop rocks while drinking coke or will it just give me a mean case of tourette's?
And lastly, and probably the most mysterious, how is a marshmallow born?

Recipe said: Place under a Stand Mixer for 15 minutes. I own no such thing. So I had to Stand with the Mixer for 15 minutes. Until I got all Einstein and rigged it up.

While doing a little homework to find "every different kind of marshmallow there is", I found several recipes. I was surprised to find that they sounded relatively easy to make.

I say this as the person who managed to make this blob out of a boxed cookie recipe. When I mentioned the recipes to hubs, he said "so you're going to make some?" ... Um. Sure. I guess. Oh boy.

Pan of marsh left to cool for 8 hours. Flipped outta pan and cut with a pizza cutter.

So, I hit the grocery for the items the recipe called for that weren't already in my cupboard. Oh, who am I kidding, I don't have anything in my cupboard! Except some art supplies. And a hairbrush. Oh, and a pack of gum from the previous owners. Seriously, I did have to invest in a candy thermometer and a pizza cutter. As well as 3 different kinds of sugar.

'Mallows cut and rolled around in powdered sugar.

The verdict: They were pretty awesome, if I do say so. Soft and pillowy, sweet and melty in a hot cup of chocolate. As for all of the "different kinds of marshmallows", I have accumulated quite the stash for Mitch's present. Results of that taste off will be forthcoming.

Marshmallow heaven!

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  1. I hear homemade marshmallows are just awesome! Send some my way!


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