Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mr. Postman

One person's attempt to stop junk mail. It's got me thinking about a New Year's resolution...

I love to get mail. Opening the mailbox is like opening a present to me. What could that Pandora's box at the end of the driveway hold for me today? A letter from a long lost friend? A package containing some amazing gift? A swarm of ants so numerous that they appear to carry the mail to the edge of the box for me to grab and shriek and hop up and down? Yeah, that was not a good mail-box-opening-day.
What I had in my package (good word choice...?): An original design by Melissa Barrett.

Sadly, most days it's just credit card apps and ValuPak coupons. Blah. When I was a kid, mom used to give me all of her junk mail to play Office with, whatever that was. Sounds like an excuse to get outta buying me real toys. If I had been a smart kid, I could have started my own identity theft biz, but instead I doodled, stamped and stickered the junk with Strawberry Shortcake. Imbecile.
The pillow is already mildly covered in cat hair, so it's right at home. Also in this photo: an adorable knitting bag from my friend Jaime and a chair Mitch's dad just reupholstered.

Yesterday, I got really lucky. When I opened my mailbox, it was a double whammie: A package from a long (not lost) friend (wait, a "long friend"...? She's not even that tall) and an amazing gift. Can you believe this awesome pillow? I absolutely love it. And feel so lucky to be the proud owner. My friend Melissa is a working artist and teacher at Pratt Institute. She and I share a common bond because of a tramatic art experience we both had one summer. Think The Apprentice meets Survivor and you get Yale Summer Painting Program. Or something. Can't remember the exact name. Electro-shock therapy (and Diet Coke) have managed to drain most of my memory bank. And I rarely make new deposits.
One person's solution to junk mail...cover a tank! Since I don't own a tank, I guess I should look to rid of the junk.

Melissa sells these amazing pillows at her etsy store, by the way. Feel free to spend lots of money here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/findingmyhands.

And as for that New Year's Resolution, did you know that you can stop junk mail? I know, I'm usually the last on the band wagon, and you are probably already well-informed and junk-mail-free, but if you are not, check out this: http://www.obviously.com/junkmail/.

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  1. I am with you about the junk mail. Also, getting a catalog every other day from Lands End and LLBean....I mean really getting 20 catalogs in a month is not going to make me buy something!


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