Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweet Stuff

Scarf I knitted for a special little girl at school. It was started on Monday and put off until Thursday night. I've got the neck and shoulder cramp to prove it.

Do you remember in elementary school when kids would pass notes to each other? You know, "Do you like me? Circle YES or NO". We also used said notes to determine: "Do you think [Lil Miss Butt-Kisser] is nice?" Or there was the other, more desirable trait: "Do you think [Lil Miss Thinks She's Somethin' Special] is Pretty?" It's funny, now that I think about it, you were either one or the other...but never both. Guess the logic was that if you were pretty, you didn't have to be nice!

It goes without saying that I didn't fall into either category. When you look like this, you fly pretty low under the radar. Instead, you spend your time wearing your safety goggles trying to contact aliens on your Simon until your hair is fried.

But if I had one wish, I woulda wanted to fall into the nice realm. I still do. Those of you that know me well can take a second to retrieve the eyeballs that popped outta your head. But it's true. When my personality doesn't get in the way, I try to be nice-ish.

Which is why I knitted this scarf. I drew the name of a little girl at my school and was asked to give her something pink and under $10. I didn't want to invest in more "Made in China" junk, so decided to make something for her myself. The yarn is so yummy and soft (and probably made in China, now that I think about it!) that I immediately loved it. The intent was for the entire scarf to be the verigated white with thin stripes of pink but when I ran low on the white, I switched the pattern. So the other half of the scarf is pink with thin white stripes. I'm hoping she likes it.
Speaking of nice, my awesome art teacher friend Kelly made this book for me. We have an annual art teacher Christmas party and draw names. I was the fortunate recipient of this adorable hand-made book. Made with vintage fabric! And vintage buttons! Sweet! Kelly's in the biz of making and selling these adorable books.

Oh! And then there's this little blurb that was in the VIP Magazine. Look, it's my name. In print. With an explanation! mark! after it! Now that's really sweet. Thank you Nashville Clothing Company for continuing to rock.

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  1. That little girl will just LOVE that scarf! It is beautiful and so wonderful of you to make something for her.
    Yay, to Nashville clothing co., great picture and plug for you. I hope it is going well with them.


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