Sunday, November 29, 2009

Leg Warmers, Fried Fish and Stuffed Beavers

Right before I left on my trip to Germany, I went to the store Forever 21 (because Forever 34 was closed) in search of some much needed items. Turns out my attempt was futile as the following exchange between me and the Eternally-At-Drinking-Age shop keeper transpired:

Me: Hey, do you guys have any leg warmers?

Infinitely 21
: Um, we did. Last year.

Me: You mean I'm a year too late? Does that mean I am out of style?

Endlessly 21: Um, I don't know. Maybe.

I gave her my best "whatever" (yeah, right, who am I kidding? My upbringing requires that I spit out "okay, thanks so much!" thru clenched teeth) and got outta there. Not to worry. I had a long flight ahead, yarn, knitting needles and a burning desire to return to the '80's.
And now here's just a few photos (and attempts at explanations of photos) from my trip:

Moving, dancing, twirling clock tower in Munich. Last year, we couldn't figure out what everyone was looking at until we finally glanced up to see the figures come to a grinding holt. This year we managed to see the whole song-and-dance.

there are also Rednecks in Germany. Case in point, the stuffed beaver modeling a traditional German hat. Let's hope he never runs into this pistol-packing deer from the U.S. (Dear Germany, our Rednecks are redder than yours).

Speaking of Red, doesn't this look like one of those tail-waggin', mouth-moving bass-on-a-plaque fish from a coupla years back? Well, in Germany they deep-fry those bad boys and eat 'em for dinner. Quite tasty, if I do say so.

One of my favorite days of this trip was seeing Schloss Neuschwanstein. It was just breathtaking. I absolutely cannot wait to talk to the kiddos at school about this place.

Just miles from Neuschwanstein was this very unassuming chuch. On the outside, it was very nondescript. Can you believe this interior? It makes you feel so small...which I guess is the point.

AND, I managed to finish my leg warmers! I spent my 8 hour return flight home chatting with Mitch, watching movies, eating Now and Laters and knitting. Alison helped me pick out this yarn when she visited and I'm so glad I went with her suggestion. They match my scarf AND my brand new Germany boots so well, doncha think? I managed to get the boots super cheap (which is no small task in Germany) because they were on the clearance rack...because they are, wait for it, OUT OF STYLE. Huh, whatever. Ya'll may be Forever 21, but I'm Forever Out Dated (so, like, a FOD instead of a FAD). I think I'm okay with that.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I Am So Totally Outta Here

Guten Tag!

No, that's not the name of the latest pandemic flu, that's how you say Hello! in German (though it does kind of sound like something you might need a cream for). Today I'm flying out to Deutschland to join Mitch who's currently there for work. We plan to travel around Bavaria (aka southwestern Germany). I'm mostly excited to go to this castle called Schloss Neuschwanstein. Apparently it's the Mother of all Castles. In fact, it's what Walt Disney based Cinderella's Castle on. And I hear it's not nearly as old as some of those crumbly ones I saw in Ireland. They were in sooo much need of an HGTV Dream Home Makeover.

So, the kiddos at school have been talkin' landscapes. The top photo is the start of a 1st grade collage. Very Eric Carle, no? (okay, why am I now French?!) And the charcoal is by a 4th grade artist. We've been chatting about the terrain of Southern Germany and looking at landscapes by ole Vincent van Gogh (yes, I know he's not German...but the name Van Gogh does kind of sound like some sort of German SUV, doncha think?). These aren't done yet as we plan to construct giant Neuschwanstein-inspired castles in the foreground.

So my bags are packed and I'm ready to get outta town. Apparently, I'm not the only one.

Hope eveyone that's also traveling for Thanksgiving has a safe trip and good times!

(Yes, Doctor, I have a small Guten Tag in my Deutschland and it's causing me to Auf Wiedersehen in my wienershnitzel.)

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Parts that Make a Whole

Here is my morning routine: I don't have one. One morning, I'll get up early and sew. Another morning, I might make coffee, eat some cereal and wonder if I can get away with not washing my hair one more day. And this one time I scrubbed the bathtub sparkling clean but I think that was the prednisone. One thing is for certain: I WILL lose my keys and I WILL wonder all day long if I unplugged the flat iron. Huh, so I guess I do have a routine.

The other morning, whilst going about my non-routine, I noticed this slug had meandered across my window. He could have easily taken the straight shot from Point A to B. Maybe taking a cue from the occupants inside the house, he went this route. All over the place. But look, he still managed to get to the other side. And what a more interesting way he went.

Which got me to thinking. I'm the Queen of Time Wasting. I remember way back in second grade when Mrs. Cheek gave me poor marks in the Time Management category. I've bought books on improving this defect, but it turns out buying a book and actually reading it are two different things. Now I think that all of this meandering might not be so bad. Maybe there is a purpose to it.

If each meanderment is a part, like this little piece in a Kindergartenland sculpture...

and each part is an experience (that often leads us in unexpected directions)...

don't all of those parts eventually create a whole? We end up in a new place...hopefully better than the one in which we started.
Kinda like Jaime's latest patchwork peace sign creation: all of the parts together creating a whole.

Monday, November 9, 2009

These Things Take Time

Patience is not something I have plenty of. I mean, if I rolled out of bed everyday to a Snow White kind of morning, with birds pulling back my blankets, squirrels sliding slippers onto my feet and bunnies bringing me Starbucks and crumpets, I'd be so dog-gone patient and nice I'd probably talk bad about myself. As it is, I can hardly drive down the street without rolling my eyes, waving my hands and stringing together cuss words in unheard of ways. To the passerby, I look like a mime doing his best Tom-Cruise-jumping-on-a-couch impersonation.

But for some things, I am very patient. Take knitting for example. I finally finished my ribbed (for her pleasure...does that ever get old? ...don't answer that) scarf. Because I wanted to be able to wrap it around my neck multiple times, I made it with 3 skeins of yarn. I never rushed myself. I knew that it would be finished when it was finished. It couldn't be hurried.

Which got me thinking. About other things that develop over time. Like friendships. My friend Alison visited this weekend. We have been friends with each other for well over 15 years. And although we lost touch for a while (the restraining order prevented me from contacting her), once we reconnected, it was like no time had passed. I think that says a lot.

All this to say, I've been impatient with some things of late. Honestly, there are always some things we'd like to hurry up a little, right? I know I'm not alone. Right now, one of those things is this selling of belts deal. I so badly want them to fly off the shelves and onto waists...but of course, it doesn't happen that way. So, I have to be the dreaded p-word. That and another p-word I'm not always so great at: perseverance. Ugh. Why can't things be a little easier, right?

In the mean time, if my Snow White morning ever does come, I'd like to have one of these here rainbows light my way to work each day!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just a Quickie

Can't blurg long because I'm so stinkin' tired. My eyeballs feel like they've been soaked in salt water, my throat's a little scratchy with that could-be-sinus/could-be-a-cold feeling, and I think my spleen is sore. So why am I blogging and whining about? Because I can. It's what I do. If I were one of the Seven Dwarfs, I'd be Complainy (or Bitchy, if it's the NC-17 version).

Oh, look, a fall leaf. Kindergartenland recently finished up these 3-D masterpieces of fall leaves floating on water. We've had a tremendous amount of rain this fall so the theme seemed appropriate.

And some belts. Nashville Clothing Company is having another trunk show at their store in the Gulch (what does that nasty sounding word mean anyway?). It's this Saturday from 1pm to 5pm. Just like before, several of the artists/designers that create the amazing wares at NCC will be there. My belts will be but I will not.

Do you remember the fabric from my recent score? I managed to put together a couple belts with it.

And if you happen to see either of these two crazies on your local news, don't be too surprised. My buddy from Indy is coming to visit this weekend and who knows what kind of trouble will find us. I just hope my spleen can hold out!