Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Make Your Mark

A happy little kindergarten dude just painting away. 
When was the last time you did something that made you smile this big that didn't involve jello-shots?

Well, having survived the snowstorm, we all returned to school this week. I was a little sad to see my free time go, but since the kids are so excited to be here (read hyperactive and wired for sound), it's good to be back. I mean, how can you not love those pudgy little fingers and cheeks?

Inspired by Vincent van Gogh, this kindergartener fills her sky with sparkly stars and spirals. I introduced glittery oil pastels for the task thus earning me the kid's popularity award. Eat that, Jonas Brothers.

Just as I predicted, I was completely lost walking into my room on Monday. On top of being confused about which classes were in the middle of this or that project, I had made the grave error of promising the kids I'd introduce them to my drum set this week. For all you people out there who have little to no experience with the height-challenged-under-10-years-of-age set, word of advice: DON'T EVER MAKE PROMISES. For they will remember them...and hold you accountable.

You wouldn't think that introducing kids to the world of abstract would be hard. After all, this is the group that grew up on this...

...with a side of that...
 but trying to explain the concept of abstract art to Kindergartenland can be a tricky task. Kinda like getting Elmo to back off (really? You love me? But we only just met...) or Barney to stop giggling in that creepy pedifile kind of way.

But it all worked out fine. They got to bang on the drums and I got to experience a continuous banging in my head for the rest of the day. We did manage to squeeze in some art. It being art class, I consider this a good thing.

The 1st graders managed to finish off their Neuschwanstein-inspired landscape-collage-type-thingies that we've only been working on since...like...forever.

And the 3rd grade also finished their masterpieces. So, it's been a good couple of days back. Despite the following conversation I had with a couple of  kindergarteners:

Kid #1: What are you taking pictures of?
Moi: Your cute little hands working on your art.
Kid #1: Why?
Kid #2: Because her hands are old and bumpy.
Kid #1: Yeah, like witch hands.

...yup, it's so good to be back!

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  1. Those kids are so lucky to have such a wonderful art teacher! Their creations are beautiful!!


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