Monday, February 15, 2010


Looking at the blizzard outside...and freezing! So, why sew another summer dress? Because until winter dresses without sleeves are invented, this is all I can currently craft.

I am not a multi-tasker. I am a multi-asker ("Can I have the garden salad with the dressing on the side? And no onions? And extra croutons?") and often, after a trying day at work, I think I could easily become a multi-flasker, but for me, juggling more than one thing usually means many balls on the floor. Wow. That sounds bad. But you know what I mean. 

 Oh sure, she looks cute. But turn your back for a second and she's whiskers deep into your cupcake.

Let's use these cupcakes as Exhibit A: Whilst baking them (and by "baking", I mean opening the box of Duncan Hines and dumping the contents into a bowl), I was also cleaning, laundrying and facebooking. As I slid the cupcake tray into the oven, I turned back to the counter only to notice that the 1/4 cup of oil that was to be added was sitting patiently on the counter. I swore I heard it say "Are you forgetting something?". Ugh, I hate smart-alecky ingredients. Have you ever tried to squeegie cupcake batter out of paper cupcake holders? I don't recommend it. Needless to say, it really put a cramp in my multi-tasks.
My Funny Valentine...with his tasty Marshmallow Billy Bob teeth. Speaking of marshmallows, the results of the Marshmallow Taste-Off are in: Campfire Marshmallows are the winner!

Realizing that doing more than one thing is not one of my strengths, I decided to begin and finish this dress without the interruption of other tempting, less difficult crafts. It took a lot longer than it needed to but I took comfort in knowing that Debbie was on speed dial and released the occasional tension by using my pin cushion as a voodoo doll/stabbing pillow.
From R to L: roll, ham, 1969 dress pattern and one of my fave sewing books, Seams to Me by Anna Maria Horner.

During this process, I have not only learned that I am no multi-tasker, but that I also have a strong hatred for Arm Holes. Ugh. Just the sound of those two little words brings a snarl to my face. In fact, I've decided to start using it as my new curse-word substitute. As in, "That waiter only gave me 3 croutons! What an Arm Hole!"  
On a happy note, when reading Seams to Me, I read about the importance of ham and rolls. I ain't talking about Easter Supper. Lemme clarify: Seam Ham and Seam Roll. I bought them the other day and they were the best tools for ironing open the curved seams of my dress and worked well as a fabric weight and look kinda cute and preppy in my sewing room. So while I may be a muli-disaster, at least I have tools that are multi-taskers!


  1. My,my what a talented girl you are! So are living in the wrong era. Hey you also got yourself one heck of a catch..he sure is handsome!

  2. LOL - arm hole! You make me laugh! (I'm a little tired right now with kids who refuse to go to bed, but I think I'd probably laugh at this in the middle of the day too!).

  3. Loving the green tights with the red shoes! Oh and the hair!!! The hair is fabulous! U are wicked cute!

  4. i'd love a winter dress without sleeves, maybe some invisible yarn or something would do

  5. lol- I think I'll use that term too in the event that I am disguisted with someone or something & my 3 year old parrot (aka my son) is around....'yes, mommy said 'arm hole' its ok...' hehehe


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