Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Memories (aka I Couldn't Come Up with a Title)

Fresh out of the oven, ahem, kiln come some Super Snazzy Snowmen. And Women. 
No, the one in the foreground is not a Pizza Delivery Snowman, but an Artist Snowman. That's his palette and yes, he's wearing a beret. 

This past weekend was a pretty big deal to some pretty little people. And I'm not talking about these here Snowmen. And Women. Aw, shoot, I'll just say "Snow People" and make everyone happy. 
I'm talking about a handful of the Magnificent Miniature Artists that I get to work with everyday. They received the great honor of having their artwork hung at the Frist Center for Visual Arts. You know, the same museum where Picasso and van Gogh have graced the walls. They've never had a Stephens Original but there's always room to shoot for the stars, says me.
Just a peak of the hallway before the exhibit started. Once they opened those doors, it was a stampeed of proud artists, parents, teachers and art teachers...they were the ones with their eyes glazed over. But that's pretty much everyday.

The kids were so excited and proud, as they should be, that it got me wondering...will they remember this in 10 years? 15? ....and if so, what kind of positive effect will it have on them, if any?
I'm not usually so cognitive (probably just gas...my grandmother taught me that all abnormalities can rightfully be attributed to flatulence) but I was thinking such because of an essay I recently wrote. The theme of the essay was Tell Your Favorite Crafting or Sewing Memory in, like, 30 words or less. I had no problem coming up with a slew of memories...
One of our second grade Famous Frist Artists works...inspired by Neuschwanstein Castle. 
Just not the part with the hearts. 

Most were happy memories, like my grandma teaching me how to embroider and then helping me take that little embroidered bear holding balloons and turn it into a pillow...that Kris later puked on. Rightfully so, it was ugly. Okay, so maybe that wasn't such a happy memory.
Mixed-media self-portrait by one of my second grade artists. I love that he came up with the tux all on his own...
Then there was the summer I Vacation Bible School hopped (or what I like to refer to as a VBS Crawl) just so I could partake in all the craft-making merriment. Which was made all the merrier with Capri Sun and Fruit Roll Ups. My last hop didn't end well as it turns out the Church of Snake Handling doesn't do much by way of crafting...or drinking things other than blood.
Kindergarten artist's snowy landscape. I jokingly told the kids that each time we do a snow-themed work of art, it might bring us the luck of a snow day...6 snow days later, we've ceased all snowy themes!

One of my favorite memories happened today when a kindergartener said to me:
You're the best art teacher that I have!
To which I replied: 
Thank you...but I'm the only art teacher. 
Patting my arm, she assured me:
You'll get others when you get bigger.

 I was informed this Snowman is wearing a Fez and googles and has paw prints on his chest because a dog jumped on him. I didn't ask why. I was just too pleased with the imagination and creativity. And the sweet little bird. Don't worry, all snowmen were given the gift of arms once out of the kiln. Brown pipe cleaners worked great.

Hopefully, all of my kiddos will have happy memories when they are creating. Or at least ones that don't involve brothers puking and snake-handling. I don't think that's too much to ask.


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  1. Love the snowmen & snowladies...How wonderful to be on display at the Frist, at least you will remember it.


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