Sunday, March 14, 2010

Reset Yo'self

An embarrassing amount of cupcakes were consumed before, during and after my birthday. Oh, who am I kidding, I consume a ridiculous amount of sweets daily. You know it's bad when even your breakfast must be followed by a dessert.

I have this small hand-held solitaire game. It's about the size of a Blackberry or an iphone, which I do not have. And probably never will. I'm kind of a caveman (woman?) when it comes to technology which you probably know if you ever texted me. My replies are usually either "Y" for yes, "N" for no or "ha" if I'm feelin' spunky. I do like to pull out my little solitaire game from my purse from time to time just to give the illusion that I'm with the now. I'm even thinking of knitting a little sheath for the thing.
Don't let the pretty face fool you. The other morning, some-furry-one was a little perturbed that I was sleeping-in when it was obvious she was on the brink of starvation. I felt something tickle the inside of my nose and just when I realized it was a kitty-cat claw, she flicked it out thus scratching the inside of my nose. When I sat up, holding my throbbing nostril and yelping in pain, she just gave me her "see what you make me do?!" look.

Oh, geez, where was I going with this? Yes, the solitaire game. It has this marvelous function that no iphone has an app for. It's called the RESET button. Just when it's obvious that all hope is lost and that I'm doomed to lose another solitaire game (which causes me to ponder, exactly who am I losing to, if I'm playing  solitairely?), I simply press the reset and I'm given a second chance to start all over again. And with a whole new hand dealt.
I vaguely remember blogging about some wall pockets a while back. Thought I'd post a pic of the finished, glazed product. It's always a surprise when I open the kiln, I never what the end-glazed result will be. 

Well, I've been feeling a little, um, droopy of late. Lazy. Lame. Moopey. Not sure what the problem is. Low iron. Scurvy. End result of too much Sharpie huffing. Regardless, I'm determined to snap out of it. To hit the reset button, to jump start myself. I've decided to use my birthday (which was wonderful, I totally want to hit the REPLAY button on that day!) as a time to reset. Reprioritize. Rejuvenate. Renew (my library books, they are, like, waaaay overdue).

I mean, even though I feel like this some days, I need to take a kitty-cat claw to my lack of motivation and get to-doin'. To resetin'. Maybe a cupcake or three would help...


  1. Did the cat eat the cupcakes?!?!?!!?

  2. I really like it here on your blog- love the cat!!!!


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