Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tackfully Tacky

Miss Yvonne of PeeWee's Playhouse fame. I loved her giant bouffant and her poofy 1950's style dresses. I hold her partially responsible for my lack of tack.

I'm tacky. I could blame my genes, my upbringing, my poor eyesight or I could just own up to the fact that I'm a scad gaudy, a tad tasteless and a ton trashy. If my car had bumper stickers, they'd say things like
 "Fishnets are Forever" and "Glitter is Glorious". After stapling the hem of a torn skirt, Mitch christnened me Classy Cassie. Guess calling me Trashy Cassie would just be stating the obvious.
So, when I was recently contacted my a retailer who wanted some belts I was excited...but there was a stipulation. Could I make them with plain fabric? You know, just a touch toned-down? A pinch less punchy? Well, sure! I can do that! No problemo.

Yeah, right. As much as I like the end result, sewing these was kind of a bore. Everytime I set about doing it, I would lay the buckle on some fantastic patterned fabric and just sigh. Their fate was not meant to be. Someone with far more tack than I wanted something more classy, refined and simple.
Now that's more like it: last week I scored some fantastic fabric and patterns from some friends that appreciate my love for all things kitsch and vintage. In some circles these people might be referred to as "enablers"...

So, I'm trying to find a happy medium. You know, be Tackfully Tacky. Until them, I'm gonna scour the web for a support group. Tackaholics Anonymous. And while doing so, I shall listen to this CD and pine over Kate and Cindy's duds and do's...


  1. Who the heck wanted "plain jane" belts...they don't deserve them!

  2. I love those so much!..you're so creative!


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