Sunday, April 25, 2010

Your Barn Door's Open

If you weren't around my neck of the woods this weekend, consider yourself lucky. We had some pretty nasty weather: rain, thunder -n- lightening, tornadic activity. You know, fun stuff. The kind of weather that makes you think, "hey, let's invite the inlaws to town for a visit!". So, that's what we did.
Bernie shows his true feelings about our art activity with a simple gesture. Notice my hubs is no where to be found...crafting repells that one like kryptonite.

Which meant we were pretty much trapped inside most of the day. Turns out that was okay. Diana loves to craft things up and had been trying to come up with a present for her fellow rug hooking friends (and when I say "rug hooking" I don't mean those tacky latch hook rugs we all made as kids -- I believe I made one of a pair of mushrooms. Classy. I mean the kind of rugs hooked from strands of wool like in the olden days. When dinosaurs needed something to wipe their feet on. Am I still in parentheses here? Crap.) She's going to some rug hooking event in a barn and wanted something to commemorate the event.
Diana's inspiration: Art teacher Debi West had her students create these adorable Haiti Houses as a fundraiser. Seeing this magnet on my fridge gave Diana the idea for her barns.
When hubs finally did make an appearance, wearing his special anti-craft shield (made from decoupaged  pages of his NRA magazine), he informed us that our flags were hung incorrectly. After a boring debate in which I fell asleep a couple of times, he resorted to looking it up online. Can you guess which way to hang the flag is correct? Oh, sorry, did you fall asleep too?

 I know, even if you aren't into the barn/country/Cracker Barrel vibe, these are kinda cute, right? What the photos don't show is the three dimesional quality of the barns that we accomplished by painstakingly hot gluing roofs (rooves?), doors and windows. I believe Diana's going to adhere a magnet to the back before gifting these to her buddies (whom she affectionately refers to as "hookers" because of their hobby).
Whenever the in-laws come to visit, they come bearing gifts. Kinda like the three wise men. But instead of receiving frankincense (which, btw, is like the worst baby prez ever. Wasn't anyone helping that guy at the Baby Depot?), I score great stuff. Like this amazing fabric from vintage flour sacks. Sigh. I could just ooh and ahh over it for hours.

Thankfully, we managed to weather the storm. And we were able to enjoy a beautiful, though breezy, day today. And, really, it doesn't matter what the weather is doing outside, we always manage to have a great time together (I know, I just gagged too. Time to stop huffing sharpies while blogging)...


  1. Definitely fantastic fabric! I love the barns too!!! Wicked weekend adventures!

  2. Yes, Saturday evening was fun. Thankfully we have a storm shelter, I was just waiting for the word to grab the kitties and run to it.
    I love the barns, they came out great and have a nice little primitive vib to them.
    I have a friend that is a hooker too, you know hookers are great people, don't judge!

  3. Frankincense is a great gift for a birthing. It's antiseptic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory. Dab a little on a recently cut umbilical cord, along with the myrrh which has similar properties, and you've staved off infection! Don't knock it until you've tried it.

    And, good job with the flags.


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