Sunday, May 9, 2010

Love these Masterpieces to Pieces

Oh, look, the Johnson Tiger threatening your life if you don't attend our art show. Apparently this kid went to the Hannibal Lecter School of Advertising. I'd do what this tiger says. I mean, he's already devoured part of his arm..."with some fava beans and a nice chianti..."

Well, I can finally breathe now. The school wide art show is oh-ver. With the help of the most incredible teachers, parents and support staff, Miniature Artist Masterpieces were masking taped, sticky- and thumb-tacked to every surface of the school. In fact, stand in one place too long and you were certain to get something stapled to your forehead.
Fourth grade self-portraits and woven pouches. I cannot get these kids to stop weaving! I've even got a few that are on their 5th pouch and plan to open up their own Pouch Stand this summer (because lemonade stands are sooo 3rd grade). Though I think we need to work on that name...Pouch Palace? Plaza de Pouch?

With the headache and heartbreak the flood brought us, it was nice to have something to cheer us. Not only did we host an Art Show but also an Ice Cream Supper (yes, I said "supper" as that's how we roll at our school. "What do you mean you didn't finish your hot fudge sundae?! No brussel sprouts for you, young lady!"). So, high as a kite on sugar, thus making the artwork even brighter and happier, we had an excellent evening. Here's just a few highlights I managed to capture...
Second grade collage self-portrait.
 Group of second grade masterpieces...
Third grade tapestry weaving with scratch art frame...
Third grade gallery of gorgeous.
Unfortunately, I was so busy chatting it up with my miniature Picassos, I didn't get any photos of my kinder and first grade friends artworks. Boo, bad art teacher. However, I did manage to snap this one the day after the art show. Can you believe it -- we're still creating! And, from the looks of this painting, we're STILL HIGH ON SUGAR!
Thanks to all for another great art show, couldn't do it without you.

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