Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Favorite Things

What a beauty, right? Last week I went to one of my favorite Nashville events: The American Artisan Festival. It was there I met Amelia Stamps and picked up this lovely piece. You can see more of her work here:

A couple weeks ago, I was crowned. Not the kind where I become queen and gain the authority to rid people of their heads. More like the kind where my Prince Charming is a dentist armed with numerous needles and high-pitched torture devices. He does the drilling, I do the drooling. It's not a healthy relationship, but we're working through it.
Another American Artisan purchase, this time for mom-in-law's birthday. She's a big bird watcher and I couldn't resist picking this up for her. Ceramics has definitely become one of my favorite things, both to work with and admire.

Did I mention that all of that pain and suffering (not to mention all of my woe-is-me theatrics) was only for the temporary crown? You can imagine I was a little more than anxious heading in for my permanent yesterday. To bring me happy thoughts during my dreaded time in the reclining chair, I compiled a mental list of all of my favorite things. Thought I 'd share 'em with you.
Favorite things that are consumed daily...when not all numbed up: Tabasco Sauce, La Croix Berry sparking water, Peanut Butter Ginger Chews, cherries and coffee by The Rogue Roaster.
The last time I was at the dentist, I was so numbed up, I couldn't eat a thing. I was on the a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch and a sensible (liquefied) dinner diet plan. When I'm not drooling on myself, I am usually eating these new faves. I go throw food phases where I'll eat the same thing over and over until I tire of it. Kind of like listening to a favorite song over too many times. However, I don't see myself tiring of these favorite yummies.
How could this little girl not be on my faves list? I can't bear to fold the towel laundry and disturb this sweet baby.

Well, all of that ramping up and stressing out was for nothing, thankfully. I walked in, had the temporary tweezered out (yes, with tweezers. I coulda done that), the permanent snapped on and was given a lecture on the merits of flossing. No shots, no numbness, no pain. If I could categorize my dental visits, I'd say that one was my favorite.
One last favorite: This dress I scored at Forever 21 (I'm pretty sure they are going to start checking my ID soon. 21, I am not). It was a pinch too short so I added the eyelet at the bottom and a pinch too busty, ahem, so I took in the chest area. And paired it with a new belt, of course. I look all solemn and what not. Probably thinking about the repercussions of not flossing on a daily basis.

Here's hoping that your day is full of your favorite things!


  1. Funny post, I can relate about the dentist, ack! The items you picked up are wonderful and you look super cute in your new, altered, dress. : )

  2. I know that reclining chair all too well....I am known to drool a bit from time to time. That reminds me my appt. is very soon...ugh!

    Love the pottery bowl!


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