Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nerdy by Nature

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure in Orlando. It truly was a magical experience that has me excited to read the books despite my opposition toward fantasy novels (ones that don't involve Fabio anyway).

Okay, so we went to Star Wars weekend earlier this month and I loved it. This past weekend, we did the Harry Potter thing (um, poor word choice, perhaps?) and I loved that too. Folk that are into such things aren't usually known for their lack of geekiness. And I am beginning to find that the nerd is strong in this one (get it, like how Yoda says "The Force is strong in this one" about Luke?! ...oh my gosh, what have I become?).
In the town of Hogsmeade, it's always winter. Which means that if you work at Islands, you are going to be clad from head to toe in winter gab despite summertime Florida temps. Something us Muggles would never be able to handle.

But I suppose there are worse things a person could be into. Like meth, internet porn, the Twilight series (I say as though I didn't read every freaking book). So I'm a nerd. Try and suppress your gasp of surprise.
Upon our return to reality, I was delighted to find this package of goodies in the mail from my friend Judy. After polishing my lightsaber, receiving mail is my favorite thing. Not familiar with the Amazing Jewelry-Making Judy? Then you must go immediately here:
Where you will see such un-nerdy wonders as this:

Judy's package wasn't the only one that was waiting for me. Before we left on our trip, I had ordered some sandals and I was thrilled to find that not only did they fit perfectly, but are comfy and have the kind of Roman/Nautical/Hippie/Retro look I was hoping for.
Please pardon my pale legs and unprofessional pedicure. Focus on the sandals. Use the force if you must. Now that I think about it, they look very Obi Wan-esque. Perfect for the upcoming convention.
And in completely unrelated news that has nothing to do with this post, I altered this dress today! I'm pretty excited about. I had been putting it off forever -- I have no idea why because it took me less than an hour. As usual, I had to take the chest in (sigh) and this time, instead of adding length, I took the hem up about 4". Oh, and I had to make a matching belt. Because I'm a nerd. So I guess this wasn't as unrelated as I thought.

May the Nerd be with you!

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  1. That was such a funny post! Love Harry Potter, love the vintage patterns, love the sandals, love the dress! : )


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