Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Backyard Antiques

We have many deer that leave in the woods of our neighborhood. We also have a lone coyote. By the way the bones were scattered, we think that is how our deer friend met his end.
 I'm not really the outdoorsy type. At all. I mean, I'll go backpacking, hiking and kayaking with hubs but it usually involves a lot of coercing. Which is so silly because when I'm actually doing said outdoorsy things, I love it. But when it's suggested, and my other option is to dig for treasures at the local thrift shops, well, I'm sure you can guess which I'd rather.
An old metal sign advertising lodging. We're thinking it must have been posted along Franklin Road and thrown into the woods after the business was gone. How I would love to have it for the house.
Until recently. Hubs came home from a walk with tales of treasures found in the woods. Apparently he had stumbled upon some old homesteads. Immediately I had visions of unearthing armoires of vintage clothing, and before he could finish telling me about his adventure, I had my ratty sneakers on and I was ready to go.
Sweet little ferns are starting to pop up everywhere.
Sadly, there were no suitcases full of like-new vintage dresses. But what we did find was just as beautiful. Here are some snaps from our adventure.

Oh, and speaking of adventure, I'm about to go on one! I'm heading to New York City in just a matter of hours for the National Art Educators Association conference. I cannot wait to attend workshops, spend time with some of my favorite art teacher friends...and, maybe, come home with my own suitcase full of vintage clothing. Chat with you in a week.
An abandoned bulldozer. I love the rusted out reds beside the spring greens.
Just a little close up. All of the great photos you see here were taken by hubs.

You know those terrariums that are all the rage on etsy right now? Well, check your backyard before purchasing, you might find a few.
Antique plow.
Oh, look, they customized it for this here Hoosier girl. Brings me back to my corn-detasseling days.
If you've got woods near your home, I highly recommend a walk in it. You never know what you might find!

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  1. These photos are great! My hubs is the same way, always wanting a hike but I'm such a city girl :) Very cool that you found that jar with stuff growing in. We've actually made a few little terrariums. Way cheaper than buying!


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