Sunday, March 31, 2013

What the Art Teacher Wore #61: San Francisco

Spring Breakin' with the Girl with a Pearl Earring: Loved seeing this "Dutch Mona Lisa" at the de Young Museum. This exhibit also hosted a ton of etchings, drawings and paintings by Rembrandt. And I loves me some Rembrandt. sweater: vintage, thrifted; dress and boots: Anthropologie; fishnets and tights: Target
Just when you thought the Spring Break vacation photos were over, I throw more your way via my outfit post. Last Monday, hubs and I parted at the airport. He flew back to Tennessee while I flew to San Francisco to stay the week with one of my favorite people on the planet -- a great friend from high school. I had an amazing stay with him and these pictures are just the tip of the San-Fran-vacay-photos iceberg. I plan to share more later on this week, if you can handle one more round. But don't worry, I've also got a DIY post and a little bit from the ole art room in store this week. Until then, here's a bit of what I wore and my trip to San Francisco!
The de Young Museum is amazing. I'll share a better view in that aforementioned upcoming post. But for now, try to imagine a long rectangular building with an inverted nine story pyramid on top. And the views from the top, ah! Okay, scroll down, GWPE is starring at me and givin' me that creeper vibe.

Japanese Tea Gardens: Same day, addition of Urban Outfitters scarf. The tea gardens are an absolute delight and, being spring, were just stunning.

A busy bee.

The Streets of San Francisco: So my friend is this amazing interior designer/architect. I tagged along with him one day, seeing his projects, going to the design center and meeting his million friends. Seriously, my friend knows everybody in San Francisco. I mean, we'll be driving down the street and he's constantly waving, chatting or running people down. In a playful way, of course. hot air balloon dress, belt and boots: Anthro; sweater: thrifted, Ann Taylor
Just your typical street in SF.

At Coup d'Etat, the most amazing furniture/design center.
Don't Hate the Haight: Don't you love this teeny tiny view of my friend's flat? It's full of the most remarkable artwork (some of it created by him) and, of course, stunningly decorated. And then there's me in lime green tights. skirt, boots, belt: Anthro; sweater: thrifted, Banana Republic; scarf: Urban Outfitters

Oh, the vintage shopping on Haight is AMAZING. Like, seriously. I'm actually sitting here shaking my head because that's just how nuts it is. Or how nuts I am. Regardless, if you love vintage, this is your heaven. Unfortunately, it might not be as heavenly for your wallet. So, my recommendation is hit the Buffalo Exchange and another resale shop called Wasteland. You'll have to dig through contemporary clothing but you'll find that beaded cardigan for $11 when the place up the street wants $95. Sweetness.

Fishnets and red shoes? Why, I'd fit right in.
Lunching on my Last Day: Can you believe this handsome man? I've been fortunate enough to call him a great friend for over 20 years. What initially drew me to my friend Ian Stallings is what I still find so remarkable about him: his happiness. His happy energy and positive outlook is like the sunny day pictured above. It warms you, brightens your surroundings and gives your skin a glow. I'm so luck to know this awesome dude!
So Much Baggage...: In the end, I resorted to sitting on the suitcase to zip it up. When I got it home and unzipped it, it practically exploded with all of the vintage goodness I scored. You'll be seeing some of those dresses in some future outfit posts. black top, tights: Target; dress: vintage, Buffalo Exchange

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  1. Enjoy enjoy! Looks like a ton of fun! Take me with you. . . our spring vaca got snatched away with a winter storm. It's gonna be a loooong spring here in CT!


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