Thursday, January 26, 2017

In the Art Room: Clay Heart with Wings Update!

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to lead the amazing teachers at my school in a clay session. It was apart of a team building experience and my trusty admin was open to just about anything. I decided to go with the theme of love as the teachers I work with are truly some of the most loving and caring folks. We chatted about how we love our students and give them wings to fly...and that was the message behind our creations. This morning, I took these beauties out of the kiln and I was so excited, I thought I'd share and give y'all and update!
If y'all recall, the teachers made and glazed these all in about 45 minutes. I had a lot of questions about glazing greenware (fresh clay) and I wanted to chat about the pros and cons. The reason I had the teachers do it all in one sitting as I know that our schedules are so crazy that I'd only have one shot to get everyone in the same room at the same time. The pro is that glazing greenware allowed me to do just that: get every masterpiece completed. The cons are that glazing greenware provides a more pastel look to the glaze coloring as the glaze mixes with the damp clay and dilutes it. Knowing that, when a glaze that didn't look complete in coverage, I added another coat before popping them into the kiln. I also had the help of my specials team who slapped clear glaze on all the pieces and helped me load the kiln (have I ever told y'all how much I love my team?!)
Knowing that I'd have a packed house that day, I decided to create a video that would walk them through the process. This made it so everyone could see and hear my directions while watching the video on my big screen T.V. Here is the video, feel free to use it!
By the way, this is low fire clay, cone 06 and Mayco's Stroke and Coat glaze. 
If you know me and my clay habits, you know I love me some textures in my clay. And I really love how the teachers each used them in their pieces.
 The texture on the heart on the right was from a freebie placemat!
 Several folks opted to leave their hearts all white and I really loved that look as well. The scrolls were created by some teachers...the plan is for them to write a message on the scroll in Sharpie.
 Check out this show stopper!!
I can't wait to have the teachers come and pick up their hearts tomorrow! The plan is for them to use cooper wire as a hanger for their heart. 
 I love how each artist put their own creative spin on their heart.
 The look of this one is so pretty. 
 I had so much fun leading this session...and I heard so much positive feedback from the teachers. I think everyone finds it relaxing to sit, chat and create. It was a fun way to return to school after the winter break. 
Speaking of my team, there's a few of them right there! Love these folks to pieces. 
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  1. Hi Cassie! I am doing this with my teachers next week! Thank you for the lesson! I am super excited to get started. I have a question about the clear glaze. I am using Mayco as well, do I use it over the stroke and coat on the greenware or do I fire the hearts and then use it over the bisque? Thanks a million for being such an inspiration to my teaching! I appreciate you!

    1. Hey Tara! I believe I put the clear glaze on their glazed pieces when they were bone dry. That way I only had to fire once. :)

  2. Hi Cassie, Could this project be done using air dry clay? If so, what would you use to paint them? Tempera paint?


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