Wednesday, August 30, 2023

DIY: How to Paint a Personalized Sign for Your Classroom or Favorite Teacher!

My niece recently asked me to paint a personalized canvas for her brand new classroom. She sent me some ideas from Pinterest that all looked easy enough so I tackled the project in an afternoon. It was so fun and easy! So I decided to paint a couple more for some super amazing folks...and film the process in case you'd like to do the same! They make for great gifts and seriously took no time at all. Here's the process:

The key: EMBRACE THE 'MESS-UPS'! And enjoy the process!
These canvases were about 18" X 12". If you check your local craft store, they often sell canvases of these sizes in a pack of two. 

My niece had requested a pastel palette and I loved the way it looked! I found that you can buy a palette of pastel acrylic paints at the craft store too. 

I preferred using a flat brush for the wide lines and a fine point for the details. Other than the canvas, the paint and brushes...this was an inexpensive gift! 
I was super pleased with how they turned out! And I think the recipients were too :)
I really think these could be personalized too for the person you are creating the canvas for! Art teachers for sure could have a palette in that upper righthand corner!

Not to mention, painting these meant that I was able to take my Creative Vitamins! I got to relax and enjoy creating just for the sake of doing so. 

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