Monday, March 25, 2024

My 10 Favorite Earth Day Art Lessons!

Hello, friends! 

I know many of you are coming off of Spring Break which means you are officially in the home stretch. That is...unless you teach until the end of June. Then, well, all I can say is...I'm sorry. 

BUT I do have some fun Earth Day lessons for you! Nearly all of them are video format which means you can just hit play. I created them during 2020 so most are just simple supplies. I hope you enjoy and find something here that will help you and your students celebrate Earthy Day which is on April 22nd. 

Here's the first Earth Day project...
If you are in need of a fun How-to-Draw and printing lesson, you may like this project right here. Complete with instructional video!
There is something truly magical about a pop-up card! My students are always fascinated when we make these. You'll find all the kid-friendly instructions in this video right here. 

Have you ever made Salt Dough Clay? This would be so fun to do with a small group of students. Perfect for an after school activity, homeschool, scouts, you name it. Using cardboard means you can recycle which is always great for Earth Day. Here's the lesson and video!

So you want to paint with kids buty ou don't wanna get out the paint? I hear ya! My students always love the marker-meets-water trick! Try it out with this lesson! 
Of course, not every Earth Day lesson has to be Earth-art focused. You could simply use it as a jumping point for landscape projects! Here's a fast one that helps students understand the difference between foreground, middle and background. 
If you'd like a project that includes the whole school, you may want to try making a map of the Earth with self-portraits! You can find details on this lesson here.
If you still have some homemade salt dough clay leftover, you can try making a whole solar system with it! 
If you are looking for a fun and happy kindergarten Earth Day (or any day!) lesson, look no further than here!

And what better way to celebrate Earth Day than a mural dedicated to it? We made this huge mural based on the song What a Wonderful World and it stayed up all year. 

Also! Just incase you missed the news...
My book Larry the Line now has a companion...

That's right! I just launched my new book Alfred the Ape Knows His Shapes last week and I'm so excited! I'm working on a series of Elements of Art books as I always wished there was something like that. I did a limited print run and I'm currently...signing all books as they head out the door. So! If you'd like a copy, you can check it out here! 

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