Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Art Room Ideas: Finish the Drawing!

Have I got something for you, y'all! Check this out: Finish the Drawing! I explain it real quick in this video but more details on the supplies used and how it works below...

I got this idea because of the following:

* I got lots of paper scraps. Like, LOTS. So this helps me not waste any of that paper!

* I got lots of kids who wanna do Free Draw but LOOK HERE: my art classes are 30 minutes long! And we all know how they be treatin' that paper that they draw on for a minute and then toss in the trash. 

* I got the desire to have kids create...with each other! BUT lack the time to make it happen. This, THIS can make my art teacherin' dreams come true, y'all!


* The pencil is from Chris Uphues. I added the wording to it with my Cricut. BUT you don't need a fancy sign! You're an art teacher, you can make it yourself!

* The frames came from the thrift store, Dollar Tree and my storage closet.

* The clips I picked up from Amazon.

* Paper from the scrap bin!

The premise is simple: pick a piece of paper and draw on it for as long or as short as you'd like! Then, sign it and hang it back up.

OR...pick an unfinished drawing that you'd like to add to. Be kind, considerate and do your best. It is someone's drawing, afterall. Then, of course, sign it. Hang it back up!

Finished pieces get hung in our Masterpiece Gallery or we just keep the fun going by having the work returned to the wall for more artists to add to it!

I hope you give it a shot! You and your kids will love it!
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