Sunday, January 15, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #2

Monday, Monday: dress: vintage find at Goodwill; belt: one of mine, available in my shop; tights: black fishnets over maroon tights; shoes: Indigo by Clarks; headband: just a piece of black fabric that I hot glued a flower onto while wearing, thusly hot gluing the flower to my head. Awesome.
I'm just in from a butt-numblingly long road trip to Bloomington, Indiana. Okay, it's not that long of a car ride, just five or so hours, but I don't do well with long sittin's. I like to imagine it's because my tooshie has such a small amount of cushion that it can hardly withstand a lengthy car ride when, in actuality, it's just that I have a sad -n- flat white girl butt. A little back-side shelf space would be nice but I'm pretty sure the booty fairy ain't coming.

Come Sail Away Tuesday: dress: Goodwill, embroidered by me; sweater: Goodwill; belt: made by me, available in my shop; tights: white Urban Outfitters tights over red Target ones; shoes: Indigo by Clarks

This is seriously not where I was intending to take this post so let me back this thing up (and by thing, I don't mean "thang" as we've already established that I don't have one of those). So, uh, I went to Bloomington this weekend which, by the way, is the best college town ever. With the most awesome campus, the sweetest downtown square and the hippest cafes, restaurants and boutiques. At least that's how I remember it.

Rodeo Style Wednesday: bandana: stolen from hubs; shirt, belt, skirt: all thrifted from Goodwill; boots: Frye picked up at French's in Franklin, TN

But when I drove into Bloomington on Friday afternoon, it looked a little different. There were so many franchise fast food joints, banks and new construction that it was just a bit disheartening. I convinced myself that it was because I was on the outskirts of town, that the heart of town would still be home to the unique mom and pop joints that I remember.

On this day, one of my sarcophagus-painting 3rd graders looked me up and down and declared, "Huh, no offense, but you look kind of boring today, Mrs. Stephens." Thursday: dress: Goodwill. I took up the hem (maybe a little too much!); sweater: I appliqued some of the fabric from dress onto my Goodwill sweater; tights: Target; shoes: Anthropologie

And it kinda was. I mean, some of my favorite places where still here. But not all of them. Like the little independent shop The White Rabbit where I picked up Klimt posters for my dorm room is now a Starbucks. What used to be a little convenient store/incense shop is now a massive Urban Outfitters. And the shops that are still there aren't exactly the same. The hippie store that used to only sell South American fair trade clothing now sells dresses made in China. My favorite vintage clothing store also sells new clothing.

Snow Day Friday: Geared up to spend the next five-ish hours in the car driving to Bloomington. Sweater: Urban Outfitters found at Goodwill; Skirt: Free People found at Marshall's; boots: Frye found at Journeys years ago for a mere $39!

And I get it. They've gotta adjust to the times or else chance going out of business. But for selfish reasons, I just hate it. I felt like I could have been on any ole college campus, not mine. There was a homogeneous to it that kinda bummed me out. 

Butt, er, but, guess who picked up a $3 tea at Starbucks? And scooped up some painfully hip shoes at Urban Outfitters (they enhanced my derriere, I swear!)? That's right, the hypocrite with the flat butt. Suppose if I stopped participating in such commericalism, I could justly complain. Hmm, something to think about. Over a Starbucks, of course.

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  1. Love it. Bloomington has changed. Every time I go home I'm like, "what the heck"? The new highway 69 is going to cut straight thru my parents farm. The Trojan horse still stands tho!!


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