Friday, February 24, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #7

Workin'-on-Prez-Day Monday: sunflower sweater: Anthropologie picked up for cheap at Buffalo Exchange; skirt: Anthropologie; tights:  Target; shoes; Anthropologie. Holy cow! I'm head-to-toe anthro!
Well, hello there! This week's wacky is-it-winter?-is-it-spring? wardrobe is a reflection of the weather. One day it was a summery 78 degrees and the next there was a 30 degree temperature drop and a sky full of spooky clouds. As Lauren put it, "I'm waiting for the sky to turn green or purple or something."

In other news, since we did have school on a holiday, one of my favorite coworkers and I dressed as ole Abe and George for the school-wide morning announcements. We have more fun hamming it up than should be allowed. A word to the wise: Abe hats and bumpits do not mix.

Well, here's hoping the weather where you are is a little less wackadoodle, Yankeedoodle.
George and Abe: This is right before my friend George looked at me and made me lose it to a case of the giggles. On George: shirt: I know you can't see it, but she's wearing one of my wannabe goth shirts from high school; wig: handcrafted by Lauren from fake fur and toilet paper tubes. On Abe: beard and hat: Party City; jacket and shirt: thrifted
You know you're meant to be an art teacher when you look this happy on a Monday! I believe both Lauren's shirt and skirt are thrifted. She created her own bow. She's holding her example for the fourth grade lesson on sculpting heroes and standing in front of her lesson on Kandinsky's circles.
Cowgirl Tuesday: I just realized that annoying neighbor who walks her dog through our yard saw me snapping pictures of myself...and then tripped over her dog. Tee-hee. jacket and belt: thrifted; dress: Target, embroidered by me; tights: Target; boots: Frye, ebay
Well, I know she snagged that sweater at Goodwill...I was with her when we were doing a little pre-Valentine's Day wardrobe shopping. I love her pencil skirt, don't you? Target, people.
Wainy and Wet Wednesday: I've been waiting for a good spring day to wear this jacket and my new rain boots. However, wearing rain boots with no ventilation makes for janky feet syndrome. jacket: Anthro; boots: Hunter, ebay
Under the jacket: sweater and dress: thrifted; bow belt: made by me
Look at this outfit! Love...
Spring Chicken Thursday: I'm proud to say that with the exception of the belt and undergarments (like, ew), this outfit is head-to-toe thrifted! I've never worn this dress before as it's knitted and a little warm. Perfect for spring.
Totally diggin' the burnt orange. I've got to get some in my closet -- she's totally rockin' it with the green and navy.
Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh, Friday!: sweater: thrifted; tiger striped dress: BCBG; lion buckle: gift from a friend; fishnets: Marshall's; shoes: Dolls by Nina
Look at that Kandinsky-esque scarf she scored! I love how it matches the project she did with the third graders...and so did they. And check out those splatter paint shoes she made. Awesomeness.


  1. I like the colour combination of blue and mustard in your sunflower outfit. And the yellow dress with the yellow and white flower cardigan is also very nice and looks like spring.

  2. All of the pictures makes me so happy!! Cute clothes and cute girls :)

  3. Hi Cassie! I have been looking for the sunflower sweatercoat from Anthro and I was wondering if it runs true to size. I am usually a 6 in tops and an 8 in coats or jackets. I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know what the sizing is like. Thanks!

    1. Hi Charla -- My anthro sunflower jacket is an XS...and it fits like a glove. It was the only size I went for it. I'm like you, I'm normally a 6. If you wanted to wear something under the coat, I'd go with a Medium...if not, I'd go with a Small. I found mine at a resale shop...this jacket is no longer in anthro but maybe ebay? I hope that helps!

  4. Thank you so much, Cassie!! Lucky you, finding that beautiful jacket at a resale shop (sounds like there's some great thrifted finds to be had in Nashville...I'm actually from Morristown, TN, but sadly the thrifting there leaves much to be desired)! However, I find a lot of Anthro treasures at my local Goodwill here in Atlanta and at nearby thrift and consignment shops, but unfortunately I've yet to find the sunflower sweatercoat or the corsage sweater jacket at any of those places. Thanks again for the have such great style! :)

  5. Anonymous2/15/2013

    yeah for the kids

  6. Anonymous1/25/2014

    i love you outfits , your so unique , when i become a art teacher i want to have awesome fun style like you !!


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