Friday, March 16, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #10

Swing Your Partner Monday: I love my Mondays. Seriously. It is a slightly lighter day as far as my schedule goes and it just makes coming back to work at the end of the the weekend very pleasant. It also helps that I love my job! shirt: Paris Market Vintage in Orlando; skirt: vintage, thrifted; tights: Target; boots: Seychelle's
Well, hello there! It's Sorry, this week you only get to see what ridiculous ensembles I threw together as Lauren has kinda sorta moved on. And I've missed her so! Thankfully the room hasn't been too terribly quiet as I've had an army of amazing parents in my room all week. You see, my school was awarded a grant to participate in a fundraiser that will help feed the hungry. The deal is that my students are to create a clay masterpiece that, on the night of the art show, will be exchanged for canned goods. All canned goods will then be distributed to those in need throughout our community. 

The difficult task is helping twenty children successfully complete a clay sculpture in under half an hour. That's where these amazing moms and dads step in. They've helped clean, prep and assist any little artist in need. I honestly couldn't do it without them. So, if you're out there, thank you, parents! And any parent that helps in anyway at your child's school, know that you are truly appreciated.
I Don't Always Shop at Anthropologie, But When I Do, It's from the Sales Rack: cardigan and dress: anthropologie; shoes: vintage, thrifted; belt: Pinkyotto
Thrifty Wednesday: Everything I'm wearing was a thrift-store-score: sweater: Free People, thrifted; dress: Ann Taylor, thrifted; shoes: Dolls by Nina; tights: fishnets and gold tights from Target
Springy Thursday: I almost bought a knock-off vintage dress in this style at Anthropologie. So glad I didn't when I found this one at a vintage shop in San Francisco. dress: vintage; tights: Target: shoes: vintage, thrifted
Finally Feelin' It Friday: I admit, I'm officially tired! Notice the random artworks strewn across my floor and it's not even 8am! sweater: thrifted; dress: BCBG


  1. These are such wonderful outfits! I always love seeing teachers dress in creative ways :)


  2. you know, I was sitting here feeling all snotty and irritated about being sick (again) and then I saw your cool dress on Pinterest again and I was like HEY! I didn't read this post yet...and a smile came over my snotty face. awesome post as always. and kudos to all those parent helpers!!

  3. Hi Cassie, super outfit posts. I like the Thrifty Wednesday and the Springy Thursday outfit best. So vibrant colours! And I love flowers on clothes and in the hair. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love all your outfits! When I saw the flowered dress I thought it looked vintage for a minute :)

  5. As I scrolled through your outfit posts I thought, "damn, she is really creative with her outfits, she must be an art teacher!" and HA! you are! I particularly love this outfit with the vintage 60s floral shift, you can really pull off that straight silhouette which I am quite jealous of. :)


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