Wednesday, April 4, 2012

DIY: Cardigan/Scarf

I told you I was on a floral kick. I've got Begonias and herbs growing in these pots. Fingers crossed my notoriously black thumbs don't kill these guys.
From the creator of the Blarf, that's scarf-to-blouse, and the Skankie, the hankies-to-skirt creation, I now bring you the Scarfigan!

Er, Cardiarf.


Oh, it's a cardigan that I sewed a scarf onto. Call it what you like.
Sorry for the face.  I blame my mother. The problem with pinning a flower to your sweater is it confuses the insects. This is one of the few non-swatting and screaming photos.
Today's To-Do List said the following:
  1. Go for a run.
  2. Clean the garage.
  3. Organize closets.
I wrote that list last night. When I read it this morning, I thought, "that's the dumbest thing I've ever read." So instead I did this:
  1. Got out my vintage scarves.
  2. Threw them on the floor.
  3. Made a cup of tea.
This is Asha. But she has many other alias...aliases...aliai...she got a lot of names. Among them: Jango, Bo-bo, Chubby Girl, Jabba, and Brittany. Okay, I made that last one up.
When I came back, I found this. No matter what I'm working on, there's a certain furry someone that always has to lay near it, across it or on it. Currently, that thing is my typing arm. But who could deny that furry widdle face?
I got the idea in my head that instead of cleaning the garage, what I really needed to do was sew a vintage scarf onto the back of some long-forgotten, rarely-worn cardigan. It was really pretty simple. Here's how I did it:
  1. Using the zig-zag setting, I sewed around the back of the sweater, following the back panel. I did this because I don't have a serger and I wanted a finished edge to prevent unraveling.
  2. I pinned a vintage silk scarf over the back panel (notice I've not cut into the back of the sweater yet). Because the silk is so thin, it was easy to just tuck under and pin into place.
  3. Using a top stitch, I sewed the scarf to the cardi.
  4. I removed the pins and carefully cut the sweater out staying close to the zigzag line. The tricky part was NOT cutting into the scarf. Which, of course, I did. Not cool. 
  5. And...viola! Finished Scardiarf! Doesn't that sound like a dish served by The Swedish Chef?
"What do you think, Jungle Cruise?" ... blank stare. I get that a lot.
So there you have it. And it didn't even take me, The World's Slowest Crafter, that long. Which meant that I had plenty of time to reread To-Do List #1 and revisit my options.
And I decided that my initial reaction was true: That's the dumbest thing I've ever read.

So I went antique shopping for vintage hankies instead. I wish I were making that up. But I'm not. I'll show you what I did with them soon.
On a side note, I thought I'd share this great photo with you. Do you know who this amazingly creative and spectacularly tacky (and I say what with great respect) woman is? This is Enid Collins, purse designer from the 1960's. I recently discovered her creations and was so excited to score one of my own recently on ebay.
Since the backyard proved to be an insect hazard, I thought I'd try the front. Except I kept tripping over the stairs in order to beat the camera timer. Oui. I am really the last person that should be blogging!

Goodbye, Grungy Garage and Cluttery Closets, Mama's got shoppin' to do. Outfit details: dress: vintage, thifted; belt and flower: H&M; shoes: Frye, TJMaxx; bag: Enid Collins, ebay; scardiarf: originally from Target, DIY'ed by me.
I hope you go out and avoid your To-Do List today as well! Thanks for reading.


  1. Totes adorbs. I love it. Meanwhile, the first item on my To Do list is almost always "Ignore To Do List." This way I'm sure to be able to check off at least ONE item a day. Win!

  2. Oh I love the scarf sewn on the back of the sweater! Yesss, I love Enid Collins bags. Yours is super cute.


  3. I think I'll try this before the skirt...and I think I have that *exact* grey Target cardi! hilarious. I still need to go scarfing though. scarf shopping? scarfing? yea, I am not really able to be as funny as you Cassie:)

  4. Love your idea, plus the orange one's blank stare. I get that a lot, too. Your flowers look great! No black thumb, no black thumb, no blackthumb (like "no whammies, no whammies, no whammies!") :)


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