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DIY: Let's Make Beautiful Aprons Together!

All fabric is from my fave online fabric retailer They ship fast and have a huge variety. There are plenty of other sellers out there though so shop around, kids! You can find this one here
So last week I got the crazy idea that it might be fun if we, you and me, stitched up beautiful aprons together. Before better judgement set in, I threw this question out to the interwebs:

Have you guys ever heard of a Sew-Along? It's where a blogger presents a sewing project and, over the course of a coupla weeks, walks the reader through the sewing steps of a project. In the end, the sewers show off their creations on the blog. SoooOOOOoooo, I thought I'd see if anyone might be interested in sewing an apron with me. There's tons of fun fabric out there (this example was found after a quick search) and, being that it's an apron, little sewing experience would be required. I only wanna venture down this road if I've got some folks who'd be interested...whatcha think?

I was excited to hear from so many of you that are interested! So in this here post, I've put together some super fab fabric (y'all I spent entirely too much time trolling for fabric. I honestly think I could do it all day. Anyone need a Personal Fabric Shopper cuz I'm totes yer gal!) along with some apron pattern ideas. I hope you'll have as much fun shopping and dreaming up apron designs as I have. 

Now, let's talk details:

* During the week of August 18th, we'll kick off our Sew-Along! In that initial post, I'll post short video clips on preparing and cutting your fabric as well as taking our first couple of sewing steps. I'm going to approach this apron as if you are a beginner sewer so that everyone can feel included. However, you are not limited to what I sew. Advanced kids, take it and run!

* You'll Need Some Fabric! I'm still gazing at apron patterns for us but my personal plan is to use two contrasting fabrics. So, if I were you, I'd purchase about a yard of your main fabric (meaning the fabric that will cover the majority of your body) and about 1/2 yard of a contrasting or complimentary fabric. That 1/2 yardage could be used for a pocket, ties or a ruffly bottom (and who doesn't like a ruffly bottom, hmmmm?). In this post, you'll find a ton of fabric ideas. 

*And, the best part, Let's Share Our Creations! So I actually have big dreams for this idea. First, I'd love for us to share our works-in-progress as well as our finished aprons and what better place than Facebook? So I've created a page just for us! You can join here even if you don't plan to sew, it's fun to be inspired. I also WOULD LOVE for us to gather at the NAEA conference in New Orleans this year wearing our apron-tastic creations! Wouldn't that be fun? Like I said, big dreams. More on that later. For now, let's chat apron patterns!
Okay, lemme tell you my apron criteria as I do plan to wear this in the art room:

1. It must be super cute. Always a priority.
2. It must cover the majority of my bod. Which means ruffly half aprons are out. 
3. There must be big -n- deep pockets. They don't necessarily have to have a wiener dog on 'em or a pig grillin' up his family members (like, weird) but they do have to be functional. That's a must.
4. Speaking of wieners, there won't be a stabbed one in the middle of my apron. Geesh, is someone frustrated or what?!
After much thought, I've decided that we won't be using a purchased pattern. I don't want y'all to break the bank for this AND I want you to have plenty of money to spend on the fun part: The Fabric! So, I'll be working on a pattern template that will be easy for you to replicate at home. However, you are not limited to what I come up with! For some apron-spirtation, you might want to visit these links and come up with your own pattern!

Hostess Apron with Ruffles (this one is more cute than art room functional)
Simple Ruffled Apron (perfect, just needs pockets!)
Another Ruffled Number (again, pockets, people)
Retro Inspired Apron (ahh, so cute! But those ties...are they in a funny spot or is it just me?)

Now, let's chat fabrics!
Artsy! Here's some artsy fabrics to wear in your art room, art studio or just to lounge around and look super cute. Because it's what you do. Retro camera fabric here, pencils here
I MIGHT be madly in love with this fabric. 

That pencil fabric is actually the same design used in a pencil skirt that was sold at Anthropologie last year. I have some sitting in my sewing room waiting to be stitched into a dress. I love that scissor fabric, I think it would be cute as that 1/2 yard contrasting fabric I mentioned earlier. Check those rulers at the bottom so you understand the scale of the fabric.
Art Teacher Geek Chic: Marker fabric and art supplies
What's Cookin', Good Lookin?! I know not all y'all are art teachers out there but I'd still love it if you'd join the fun. So I thought I'd throw some other fabric options out for you. I personally LOVE this fabric as it reminds me of the food in Pee-wee's fridge on Pee-wee's Playhouse!
I actually have that fabric on the right...I had plans to make it into some sort of Labor Day/Grillin Out Dress...we'll see if I can get around to it!
If you type in words like "retro" or "vintage", you'll love what you find on this website! While on this site, check out Cloud9 Fabrics as they are all organically dyed and printed. 
Love these retro prints!
Garden Apron: I mean, I don't garden but I might with this fabric. You might recognize this, I used it to stitch up my Gnome-y Dress!
Something for the Boys: I love this comic book and Pop! fabric
Muscles with Cars, anyone? Okay, you caught me, here's the REAL reason I can't stop looking at fabric. It's just so...hawt. 
Alrightie, kids! If you're in, remember to "like" the Facebook page. Order your fab fabric when you can as we'll be starting the week of August 18th! I'd LOVE to see the fabric you pick so please share it on the Facebook page for apron-spiration. Chat soon!


  1. I'm so in and very excited to add to my collection!

    1. So excited you are joining the fun-ness!!

  2. A pattern to draft would be really good, I am not a teacher but i do have a collection of really fun aprons and I love them.

    1. I'm glad a non teacher is joining the fun!! Yay!! I think we need aprons for all occasions...I wear when that one day a year I clean my house ;)

  3. I absolutely HAVE to have that kitty/flower/bird/butterfly pattern material. I have no idea what is make with it, but it doesn't matter. I. MUST. HAVE.

    Please please please have mercy on us short people - My vote is for NO RUFFLES!

    1. Haha, no ruffles, you are so funny! I'm gonna throw out lots of options so you can opt out of Ruffle Town if you'd like ;) I'm so glad you are joining the fun! AND you cracked me up saying that you were the short drumstick...I had to go back and look at the fabric and I seriously laughed out loud. You are so funny :)

  4. Plus I might just have to have that 'what's cooking' fabric too. So darn cute. Love the squirt coming from Mary mustard's head. And Mr & Mrs chick-n-corn? That could be my hubby and me. I'm the squat little drumstick and he's the tall ear of corn.

    And some of those retro fabrics are making me think of the illustrations in the book Gerald Mc BoingBoing, and old favorite.

  5. Lucy Z8/03/2014

    I can't wait to start! Although I went ahead and bought some of the cute fabric pictured (like the paint palettes and the barbecues), I think I am going to use this adorable red, white and blue teddy bear sailor fabric I just got. It's is lightly flanneled which I know isn't traditional for an apron, but I think (hope), it will look really cute!

    1. I KNOW it will be really cute, gurl. I had to get that palette fabric's just so amazing. No idea what I'm gonna do with it either (I was told by the lady at the fabric cutting counter "that's how hoarding begins"...if she only knew! ha!). I cannot wait to see what you stitch up!

    2. Hahaha! You know it's bad when the fabric store lady suggests you're a hoarder! PS: on a different comment section (which I can't find now) you asked me to link to my etsy shop, so here it is. I'm just starting out, so don't judge. :)

  6. Planning on sewing-a-long. Since I am retired I plan to make a cooking apron. Is it okay if I create my own pattern? I sewed mucho when I was younger. Hoping this will inspire me to get back to it. Sounds so fun!

    Normally not a sewing fan, but maybe this experience will change that. What's not to love about a Cassie adventure?!

    1. Gurl, you retired, don't you know that means you get to do whatever you want?! Sure make your own apron pattern...I think the more variety we have, the more fun it will be to show 'em off! And you are sweet...Cassie Adventures are not to be taken lightly. I usually don't have a clue how they'll end up!

  7. Uh oh. Just looked at this post again. The week of August 28th? Hmmm. I'm going to be deep into my days of frying on the beach and building ridiculous sand sculptures (if hubs will dig up the sand for me) on gorgeous Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport Maine, one of my favorite places on the planet. I won't be near my sewing machine or fabric till I'm back home again on the 20th. Does that mean I get points off if I don't start my work on time?

  8. Uh, that should have said 18th, not 28th. Typo....

  9. I like the printed aprons.

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