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DIY: Dress Like a Famous Artist/Artwork Costume Contest!

Dan von Rentzell as Vincent van Gogh. I mean, hold the phone! Are we not sure that this ISN'T Vincent van Gogh?! Here's what Dan had to say about his get-up: I teach high school art in Earlham, Iowa. For homecoming week, we had dress as our favorite celebrity. I decided that I would be "von Gogh", complete with the bloody ear. Fittingly showing off my painting of the bedroom painted after returning home from my stay in "the hospital" after my close encounter with a sharp object to the ear!

Oh boy, y'all. I am so excited by all of the Amazing Art Teachers you are about to see. Welcome to the Dress Like a Famous Artist/Artwork Costume Contest

While I was dreaming up ideas for another artist-inspired ensemble a coupla months ago, I thought there'd be some art teachers doing the same for Halloween. I mean, art teachers are the most creative and fun folks I know, surely (hey! don't call me Shirley!) there'd be some out there that'd be dressing up for the occasion. Y'all. I totes hadn't anticipated the sheer amount of art-costumin'-genius that was to fill my email inbox. Granted, there are Frida's, Lichtenstein's and van Gogh's aplenty but each is so cleverly well-crafted and different that they were a thrill to see. Artists-iterpreting-(whilst impersonating)artists -- how awesome is that?!

Because the choices are so good, I've made it so you don't have to pick just one. The winner will be announced Monday, November 10th. The winner's good lookin' face will then grace the pages of SchoolArts Magazine (thank you, Nancy Walkup!). Happy voting!

Jamie Addams as one of the two Fridas. I know, simply amazing, right? Here's a little of what Jamie had to say about herself and her costume: I'm the art teacher at Ellis Middle School, in Eglin, IL and the one on the right in the photograph above. The one on the left is Stacy Jones, our school's librarian and reading teacher. She is a huge Frida Kahlo fan and has, for years, decorated her library with Frida posters and figurines, and shared many biographies about her favorite artist with our students as well. This year, she loaned me a lot of her resources so that I could teach a unit on Friday in my art room, which just so happened to be the week leading up to Halloween. So she and I decided to stage this recreation of double self-portrait known as The Two Fridas. 

Jamie continues: I actually taught in my outfit (bloody heart/veins and all) all day Friday, and it was a blast to watch the kids' reactions - one even told me that I didn't have enough of a mustache! Well, Jamie, let's face it: when it comes to Frida, is there ever really enough unibrow and 'stache? Me thinks not.
Nic Hahn as Henri Matisse. Nic is an elementary art teacher in Elk River, Minnesota. She recently shared on her amazing art teacherin' blog how she's using the concept of dress up with her students. She created photo-booth style costumes and props for them to use all while learning about famous artists. It's pure genius. Visit here to find out so much more
Kimberly Jones as Banksy. Here's what Kimberly had to say about her costume: I was inspired by Banksy's widely popular black and white stencil, Flower Thrower.  The image has been highly reproduced in the form of prints, t-shirts, phone cases and even tattoos. I decided to reproduce it myself by painting black and white shadows onto black and white clothes.  
Debi West as Mona Lisa and Dallas Gillespie as Leonardo da Vinci. Debi is a super incredible art teacher that I've been fortunate to know for ages. She and her cohort Dallas both teach at North Gwinnett High School. 

Jenna Mancini in The Starry Night. When I saw the skirt Jenna created on the Art Teachers Facebook page, I practically begged her to submit a photo (and by "practically" I mean I totally did). Mostly cuz I wanted to know how she did it. Here's what she had to say: I bought the fabrics from JoAnn’s Fabric store where I found a perfect swirled fabric. I wanted to make sure the skirt and under skirt were the right size for me so I cut the two fabrics then using the sewing machine to sew them together. I added lace ribbon along the edge of the bottom of the dress. I also added a zipper on the back and had it tie in the back to make a bow. It took me a day to make then I used dimensional fabric paint pen to design The Starry Night by Van Gogh. It had to dry for few hours. But instead of using the paint pen I used a brush to actually paint the picture. I teach art at a deaf school to Pre-school up to middle school grades. By the way, I am deaf also. 
Beth Carter as Pigasso. How cute is Beth?! She teaches elementary art in Texas but I love her cuz she's originally a Hoosier, like me! She also has a fantastic art education blog which you should immediately go to (after voting, of course!) here
Angie Jackson as a Picasso Portrait. Angie teaches art in Shelbyville, Tennessee and created this amazing costume (as well as the shoes, scroll down!) for a Picasso unit that her fifth graders are currently studying. Amazing, right?!
Those shoes -- awesomely abstract! And what'd'ya know, I also wear a size 10. Hey, Ang, do you need my addy so you can ship me these lovelies for Christmas?!
Lisa Duffy and a Super Awesome Custodian as Grant Wood's American Gothic. I don't know what I like most about this photo: the awesomely cooperative custodian; the brushes Lisa is holding (um, how perfect for an art teacher!) or the playhouse in the background. Thank you, Lisa, for sharing this photo. It give me a laugh each time I see it!
Leah Keller as Henri Matisse's The Goldfish painting. Alright, as if the dress alone wasn't perfect enough, the girl created a sweater. With three-dimensional leaves no less! I love this look so much I say wear it all the time, Leah! That's no costume, that's fashion, sistah!
Heather Hyslop as Salvador Dali. I have to tell you, I've been dying to make a Dali-inspired outfit and Heather just sealed the deal with this look. I love her melty clock and those long-legged elephants she created. You can find more Heather-awesomeness on her blog. Check it, yo.
Jennifer Love Gironda as Frida Kahlo. Jennifer used Frida as her inspiration to create. Here's what she had so say about that idea and process: I make art every day, based on a monthly theme.  For the month of August I delved in world of Frida Kahlo, creating a piece inspired by her/her work every day that month. To kick off my series and help create a buzz for my social media and blog, I dressed up like Frida and had my husband (and cats!) take some photos, the goal was trying to recreate two specific photos, but with my own twist (shown in side by side comparison). 
So long story short, the pics came out pretty decent!  I think I channeled my inner Frida...AND...I made thirty pieces of Frida-art!

You can view Jennifer's initial post on the idea here; her 30 pieces of Frida-art here; and her final post about the process here. Such a cool concept, don't you think?

Tessa Downs as a Roy Lichtenstein painting. Back when I created my Lichtenstein dress, I thought of painting my face...but I'm so glad I didn't. I woulda been embarrassed after seeing this amazing painting job! I mean, look at those tears, so awesomely done. Tessa teaches kindergarten through eighth grade in Montgomery, Minnesota. 
 Dustin Anderson as Vincent van Gogh. Dustin's painterly costume is simply super. Here's what el Gogh had to say about this get-up: This year I dressed as one of my favorite impressionists, Vincent Van Gogh! It was so much fun making this costume and it wouldn't have been complete without a gift for the party ear. The kids loved my costume. I think my Starry Night shoes are so cool that I may have to start wearing them in a daily basis.
While I didn't get a photo of the shoes, Dustin did share HIS EAR! Oh my golly, when I saw this photo, I just about died laughing. Thank you, Dustin!
Gemma Amendola as Frida Kahlo. Isn't this a stunning Frida? Not only has Gemma perfected that looking-into-the-depths-of-your-soul-Frida-stare but she's also got exquisite fashion sense (I spy the very same Forever21 top that I have in my closet!). Gemma teaches high school drawing and painting, graphic arts, ceramics, photography and 3D animation in Linden Michigan.
Lisa Beynon in Mona Lisa and Bridget Riley. Lisa is my secret sewing soul sistah, in case you didn't know. She stitched up this Mona dress with fabric she found on Spoonflower. I've never ordered fabric from there but Lisa has me inspired! Speaking of being inspired, y'all need to check out her blog where she takes thrift store duds and turns 'em into designer-lookin' pieces. You can find her blog here
And this dress? Made from a vintage sheet! I know, right?! Totes my sewing soul sistah!
MeLissa Kossick in an Andy Warhol Soup Cans Frock. I know, this dress is simply amazing. In fact, I love the entire look, what with the gloves, the wig and the pearls. MeLissa looks like Edie Sedgwick herself, dontcha think?! She writes: I teach K-12, at YMCA, and the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, ND. 
I am on the board for the Fargo Moorhead Visual Artists association. We have 160 members. The photo was taken at our October event at the Rourke Gallery in Moorhead, MN. 
K. Lee Mock as a Roy Lichtenstein Painting. K. Lee looks like an absolute doll, don't you think? I'm in love with that lilac wig. Here's what K. Lee had to say about herself: I teach at River Valley Charter School in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Kindergarten-8th grade. We are a public Montessori school! (And we are pretty awesome!). And I'd say they are pretty lucky to have her. 
Ashley Corvin as Frida Kahlo and Rosemarie Cox as Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl Earring. Meet the incredible art teachers of Bald Eagle Area High School in Pennsylvania. I love how both of them pulled off these looks, don't you? Here's what Ashley had to say about their costumes: Here's a photo of myself and the other art teacher on Halloween. It was spirit/red ribbon week and Friday was dress as your favorite character. If you ask me, they both look like crazy fun characters to learn art with!
Lisa Redditt as Hokusai's The Great Wave. Lisa created this shirt in no time just for a unit she's teaching in art. I love it and the skirt she paired with it, perfection! Here's what Lisa had to say about her ensemble: I am currently doing art with grades 2-5 inspired from places around the world. Fifth grade is studying art from Japan so I decided to dress as "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" as an introduction to this piece. The kids liked how my arm made the "wave."
Tasha Newton as Vincent van Gogh. Look, our first female van Gogh! Victoria van Gogh, y'all! I love what Tasha did with the jacket. The back is my absolute fave. Tasha teaches fourth through sixth grade art in Wisconsin. 

Natalie Guillette as a Roy Lichtenstein painting. Natalie is a high school art teacher (bless her. That is territory I don't ever plan to venture into) in Newport, Vermont. I love her impersonation of a Lichtenstein painting, especially the sign and the painted cleavage. I'm thinking of painting my own cleavage daily. Thanks for the inspo, Natalie! 

Rebecca Rocco as Frida Kahlo. Don't ask me how she did it, but I do believe that Rebecca has the most believable unibrow around (that IS drawn on, riiiiiight, Rebecca?!). Rebecca is the a pre-K through fifth grade art teacher whom I'm positive the kids adore. 

Jill Tuttle as a Jackson Pollock Painting. Oh man. Y'all, this costume and how it was created is amazing. Jill is a middle school art teacher and here's what she had to say: This year I decided to turn my Halloween costume into a lesson! We learned about Jackson Polluck, did watercolor experiments in his style, and create my costume! I had students splatter this white suit over two days, and then we added paint to my fave to match on the school dress up day! It was a great way to bring art to life! 
Cindy Blair as a Picasso Painting. I am so in love with this costume, y'all don't even know. I mean, that headdress, gah! Here's what Cindy had to say: I am a teaching artist at a museum and decided to be a Picasso. The head piece is a bamboo and tissue paper piece that lights up. We've been making luminaries with the community for illuminated processions and I can't seem to stop making them. 

Dawn DeBaere as a Roy Lichtenstein Painting. Personally, I think the fact that the word bubble is a hair clip is nothing short of genius. Thank you so very much for this idea, Dawn. I'll be stealing it promptly. 
Rebecca Baily as TMNT Michelangelo. Just how much do you think the boys loved Rebecca on this day?! Such a great idea! Rebecca said: I went as Michelangelo from the Ninja Turtles but had paint brush nunchucks to bring in the artist. It was super fun, the kids loved it and it gave me a chance to talk about all four Ninja Turtles sharing names of amazing artists!
Sally Cherry as a Roy Lichtenstein painting. Okay, I do believe that florescent wig with the black streaking is awesomeness. It totes captures that cartoony look. And the pink polka dots are the bomb. I think all the Lichtenstein Ladies need to form their own band or mob of super spotted lasses, what do you think? Band name ideas, anyone?
Erin Green as Frida Kahlo. Erin is actually from my ole stomping grounds so you know I like her already. Here's what she had to say about her costume: I'm an elementary art teacher in Fishers, IN. Yesterday was Frida Friday in my classroom. We learned about Frida and some traditional Mexican arts. Students made Calaveras masks, papel picado, and mini amate bark paintings. It was a Fiesta of fun!
Sarah Abend as a Gustov Klimt painting. Stop the presses, y'all! This isn't just a costume, it's an installation piece! The amount of work that Sarah's sister, Melissa Marie Abend Kolb, put into this is nuthin sort of stellar. 
Chris Baer as Frida Kahlo. I know that there are a lotta Frida's in the mix but don't you love how unique each one is? Just like a real Frida painting. But wait, there's more...scroll down, friends. 

Here's Chris with her colleagues! Doesn't this look like a ridiculously fun group? Gah, I love art teachers. 

And now for our Non-Artist/Artwork related entries...I did have some fantastic submissions that weren't based on any particular artist or work of art but where just too good not to share with you here. Since they don't meet my silly specifications, you can't vote on 'em but you can most certainly admire their awesomeness and leave a sweet comment for 'em below. 
Jeanne Bjork's expertly painted face, beautiful flowers and shawl are perfect for el Dia de los Muertos. She looks like she shoulda been hanging out with these guys...
Heather Kostal said this about her costume: I made these masks at school. The kiddos were studying Dia de los Muertos for Hispanic Heritage month. I looooved the sugar skull designs and had so much fun painting them. My husband and I wore them for Halloween - and he hosted and sang an entire ukulele circle wearing his.  
Emily Samuels and Nicole Gustafson wore their monster costumes because their students were creating monster-themed artwork! Not only that but her third graders were performing in a monster-inspired performance. How fun!
Oh, you KNOW there were some girls losing their minds over Karoline Daly's outfit! Here's what she had to say: All items were hand painted with acrylic and puffy paint. I found the material (camisole and an electric blanket) at a consignment store and modified the length of an old prom dress. I hand-sewed the trim and hand-stamped the pattern on the cape. The kids loved it!
Isn't this make-up job stellar? I mean, Lisa Walle looks like she could run off and join Cirque du Soliel, amiright? This reminds me, I need to learn how to put on false eyelashes. Lisa, you gonna teach me how, riiiiight? Love this look!
 Samantha Copthorne sent me this image of her and her work buddies looking like statues of the subjects they teach. Scroll down and read what Samantha had to say about the costumes. 
We weren't a specific work of art, but I think my team was pretty amazing. We posed at car arrival, outside our classrooms and during the parade of costumes. Much fun to have the students try to make the statues move and wince!
Sheryl Depp's costume was inspired by the book Too Much Glue. Apparently, she found herself with just a little bit of the sticky stuff. By the way, Sheryl has recently started an art teacher blog that you need to check out, visit here
Liz Van Allen's outfit has got to be the most clever thing ever. Here's what she had to say about her creation: This year, my students in North Philadelphia were very surprised to find that instead of Ms. Van Allen, their teacher on Halloween was their Fairy Art Mother.   She's the embodiment of that little voice in the back of your mind that encourages you to keep going when your art isn't going exactly as planned, the one who reminds you of all of your creative strengths. I started each class by announcing that Ms. Van Allen was in a very messy and colorful accident involving quite a bit of
 paint and that I, her Fairy Art Mother, would be taking her place
  for the day.  The Costume was a complete success.  My principal couldn't look at me without laughing, my colleagues loved it, and the students actually started telling each other to call me fairy art mother instead of Ms. Van Allen! Liz blogs here
Doesn't Tracy Evans look like a super fun box o' crayons?! Here's what she wrote me about her costume: I had to be a little subtle because we were not encouraged to dress up for Halloween so I said I dressed up for Red Ribbon Week! Which was very convenient to be in the same week..whew! It was crazy sock day so I just turned it into a glitter blue crayon (hence the light up hair).....with crazy socks on! Gotta do whatcha gotta do right?
Jennifer Carey, art teacher in Flower Mound, Texas is a, well, you guessed it: A paint brush! I love this costume to bits, thank you for sharing it, Jennifer! I know her students loved it.

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