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DIY: My Top 5 Fave Things About Fall

Good evening, foolish mortals! I don't know about all y'all but I'm beyond thrilled that it's fall. YES, I'm aware that rhymed. And YES, I'm aware that my poetry skillz are the stuff of envy. Not everyone can match this quarter pounder with cheese of awesome. Since I'm a big fat hairy fan of all things Halloween-ie and Fall-tastic (case in point: check out the blog post behind those Haunted Mansion pants here), I thought I'd slap together this here post of my Top 5 Fave Thingies about Fall, y'all! What are your fave fall-ish things? Or, more importantly, what are you dressing up as this Halloween? 
1. Costumes! Best part of fall? Dressing up for Halloween, of course! We're not "allowed" to dress up for the big day at my school but, really, I look like I'm dressed for the occasion nearly everyday. And if I can tie it in with what the kids are learning about, all the better, right? Here's one of my fave costumes to date: Mary Poppins
While we were studying all things Frenchie one year, I dressed as everyone's fave school girl, Madeline! That was an easy costume to slap together and so much fun to wear while reading the book to the kids. 
'Kay, so, truth be told, that Crazy Art Teacher costume on the left isn't, um, a costume. That'd be a daily outfit in Art Teacherin' Land. But that Magritte number did fall on the big day and was fun to wear. Well, except for talking behind a giant apple all day. 
I'll actually be donning this number on Tuesday as we are celebrating Super Hero Day! Nothing like an art teacher/Lichtenstein inspo to come and save the day, right? 

2. El Dia de los Muertos! I love the beautiful artwork that comes from el dia de los muertos, it's some of my fave! It's so colorful and celebratory that it always makes me smile. I've tried my hand at creating several Day of the Dead crafts that dress being one of 'em. 
 Painting these flower pots for the occasions was a ton of fun. 
Of course just one Day of the Dead dress isn't enough so last year, I created this number. I had to add those pompoms at the bottom because, well, who doesn't love colorful pompoms?! 
When we travel, which we do a lot during October going to haunts, I love to embroider. Last year, I stitched up this piece on one of our trips. It's reversible, y'all! 
3.  Creating! The beauty of fall is always surprising to me, it's like I forget just how stinkin' pretty it is every single year. The smells and the leaves are what gets me every time. One of my fave fall activities are creating these leaf prints
I love how beautiful these always look and they are a great lesson in teaching positive and negative space, among a bah-zillion other thangs. 
Leaf reliefs are another big hit in the art room. Bring a lil science into your art room and you'll be a hit with all those big wigs. Or just wear a big wig like the one above and BOOM! you're the big wig and you can do what you want. In which case, you'll still wanna do these. 
A coupla years ago I collected every beautiful leaf I could find and I squished em in my leaf press. Then I went bananaz and made millions (okay, like seven) flattened leaf-y works. Like that one below. 
 They look so pretty on the wall when I bring 'em out in the fall (again, poet, I know it). 
4. Clothes! Well, y'all know clothes are my fave. I mean, when you catch me starring off into space, I'm thinking about one of two things: Donuts and Clothes. Prolly in that order. And Halloween clothes are just about my favorite. You can see that Frankendress here
Of course this Walking Dead-inspired frock has been super fun to wear to all of the Halloween events el hubbo and I love to go to. What? Is there something behind me? 
 Let's just go ahead and say it: sometimes, the fabric makes the dress. Case in point, y'all, this vintage horror flick frock. The fabric is my ab fab. 
Wanna hear something cray? I officially have so many Halloween wears that I've not even gotten around to wearing this one this year! 
 5. Being Inspired! This year, more than any other fall, I've really been inspired to paint, create and decorate! I got the idea to do this mug shot of The Bride back in August and I finally decided to dive in and just do it (thank you, Shia Labeouf!). 
And that's kinda how these guys were made too. I have this habit of putting things off (hello, lesson plans!) and I'm super bad when it comes to creating, believe it or not. I'm all about the list making and then the talking myself outta it. My new thing is just to dive in before my nay-sayin' side of my brain has any, um, nay-saying to say. Nay. And that's how these lil dudes came to be. 
AND this crazy cat thing
Fall marks the time of year when I start needle felting EVERYTHING. Like, seriously. No thrift store sweater, dress, pants, you name it, are unable to escape my needle stabbing abilities. Take this sweater for zample. 
And there you have it! What have you been creating this fall? Any embroidered goodness? Stitched stuff? Paintings? I'd love to know! Time's thing you know, I'll be comin' at ya with Christmas crafts, ahhhhh!! Can't wait!

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  1. This is my first time to read your blog, and I must say, you entertained me! I can not believe all of your energy and variety of projects. Definitely pushed me to do leave prints this year in my classroom. Always thought a bit elementary, but I think I can make it fit middle schoolers. 😊

    1. Welcome, first timer! Thank you so much for dropping by!! I always love a new reader AND a commenter :) thank you and yes! give prints a-go, they are so much fun!

  2. This is my first time to read your blog, and I must say, you entertained me! I can not believe all of your energy and variety of projects. Definitely pushed me to do leave prints this year in my classroom. Always thought a bit elementary, but I think I can make it fit middle schoolers. 😊

  3. Ahh you have the halloween wardrobe of my dreams! Serious envy happening right now.
    This year my boy and I are dressing up as Logan and Jessica from the 70's sci fi flick Logan's Run...just need to finish up some crafting on it!

    1. Oooooh, that sounds like a fabulous costume!! And, thanks, this wardrobe o' mine has been in the making for some time's a labor o' love :)

  4. I'm a lurker who has loved watching your activities (and clothes!) for some time! Thanks for brightening my weeks and making me laugh!

    1. Oh, I love a lurker, being one myself! I appreciate you dropping by and leaving me a happy message! Day, made :)

  5. Hey Cassie,
    Do you think el dia de los muertos artwork is too much (scary) for Kindergarten?
    I'd love to do decorative skulls with my kids but I'm not sure.

    1. Hi Kim! I find that it's not the kids you have to worry about when teaching Dia de los Muertos, it's the parents! The days are a celebration of those who have passed. It's like a memorial day celebration! It's a happy event that just so happens to be celebrated with beautifully decorated skeletons and skulls (one might ask why...but one might also ask why do we use an egg-weilding bunny to celebrate the return of Christ, aka Easter. Who knows?!) Just educate the children very VERY well with books and video clips and they'll be fine. But I most def would send home a note with the children explaining what they learned :)

  6. charles1/29/2016

    Firstly,that Mary Poppins costume is AMAZING! Parrot head umbrella and everything! This is truly a work of genius,bravo! Now,if you could just figure out how to shrink down and enter one of your paintings,just like in the movie,the effect would be complete.My cockney accent is as terrible as Dick Van Dyke's,so I would be honored to join you in the painting.
    Speaking of paintings,I purchased a print of the bride of frankenstien,because she's only the greatest universal monster ever! Hilarious mugshot idea,too! It will hang proudly in my home,thanks!

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