Saturday, January 16, 2016

What the Art Teacher Wore #155 and a Video Sub Plan!

 Monday, You Ain't Right: I have a super hilarious coworker who loves to tell me, "Stephens, you ain't right!". To give her credit, this was after I explained to her that, no, my stockings were not purchased this way but created with a little creative tucking. It's no wonder that I usually get a side-eye and a head-shake from my work budz. crayon hair clip: made by me, DIY here; crazy sweater: vintage; dotted dress and tights: Target; flats: Payless; shoe clips: made by me, DIY here

So a while back, I got a big thick envelope in the mail. The return address looked boring and official so I threw it on the dining room table where it sat for more days than I'm willing to admit. "You better open that letter soon," el hubbo warned, "It looks pretty important." 

Turns out it was. I've been summoned for el jury duty-o. 

Looks like I'll be outta the art room for five days spread across two weeks. Now, I've slapped together I'm-so-sick/night-before/please-don't-vomit-on-these sub plans before but that was when I was in a pinch and knew I'd prolly only be out for a day. However, knowing that I'd be missing this much time with the kids, I really didn't want to deprive them of a fun and art-ucational experience. So, my Friday afternoon looked a lil like this: 
If you follow me on Instagrammerz, you already know that I decided to create a video'ed sub plan! I've been showing my students videos of myself lately which has been super awesome because 1. it allows me time to prep; 2. it allows me not to forget anything that I'm supposed to say; 3. [truth be told] it allows me to kick back and drink my fourth cup of coffee. There. Cat's outs the bag. After sharing this photo, I had a lotta questions about what the lesson entailed, which, fingers crossed, will be a Romero Britto-inspired Pattern-tastic Heart Mural Collaborative! So I thought I'd share it with y'all! PLEASE keep in mind that this is me addressing my first through fourth grade students. I promise I don't talk to adults this way (well, okay. I do. And, for that, I apologize). 
Now. I've never done this before. I do plan to go in every morning of my JD to prep the technology. Thankfully, the courthouse is just a couple blocks away from my school so I have the luxury of popping in and doing a little prep. I also created a two minute video of myself chatting with the sub so he/she knows what our routines are and some housekeeping biz. I'll be sure to keep y'all posted on how it goes. Until then, back to the What the Art Teacher Wore (or shoved in her hair) show! 
 When I shared this DIY with y'all a while back, my sweater got more interest than my hair clips! It was quite the conversation starer with the kids as well. One said, "it's like you have crayon worms crawling all over you!" Yikes, kid. That's the stuff of nightmares. 
 I actually have a wee shoe clip problem. And a love for making stuff outta Sculpey. You can see this DIY here
 Thank You for Being a Friend, Tuesday: Thank y'all so much for the very positive feedback on my art teacherin' videos! My goal is to share more videos weekly so if you wanna stay in the loop, you might wanna subscribe to my channel as my videos go up before they appear here. Smooches! sweater: thrifted; eyeball top: Urban Outfitters; scissor skirt: Modcloth; tights: Target; shoes: Dolls by Nina
 #OnWednesdaysWeWearArt: Y'all check out my awesome "I like to ARTY hard" shirt? It was created by artist My Friend Court (Courtney Pilgrim). Court is a former art teacher turned full time artist. Her work is as happy, bright and colorful as she is (if you don't believe me, just scroll thru this Instagram account, kids). Each Wednesday, Courtney does a lil #OnWednesdaysWeWearArt where we can dress with an artist in mind, snap a photo and use that hashtag on ole Insta. I decided that Court was my muse by wearing her shirt! top: My Friend Court; skirt and belt: PinUp Girl Clothing; dotted tights: Target?; shoes: Sofft
 But What Will You Wear?! Thursday: So, I've been letting my classes know about my upcoming absences. Which led to a nice chat about jury duty and civic duties. I could tell I was making real headway when I was asked, "But what if they find you guilty?!" Once that issue was resolved, ahem, this convo went down: 
Kid: What will you wear?

Me: what do you mean?

Kid: uh. Like. Will you be dressing like how you always do? Like (with a wave of the hand) that?!

Kid 2: She only has crazy clothes, what do you think?!

Couldn't have said it better. sweater and dress: thrifted and vintage
Gone Cuckoo Friday: Anytime I've procrastinated the daylights outta my life, which always means my Fridays are a mess, I go a lil cuckoo. So what better day to wear this number, eh? sweater and tights: Target; boots: Anthro; belt and crinoline: Amazon; cuckoo dress: made by me, DIY here
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  1. Can I say, I am not an Art-Teacher and I would never be seen in any of your outfits, but I love funny details in clothes and I admire the consistency with which you show your personality through clothes. I look forward to your posts and love reading the lingo too.
    I also think you make a charming art-teacher, ours was a choleric, failed-artist type, who would go berserk when my pointillism wasn't pointy enough...
    Greetings from Austria,

    1. OMG, I HATED pointillism! I remember doing it in junior high and thinking, "WHY IS THIS MY LIFE RIGHT NOW?!" Personally I think it's every art teacher's secret weapon when she needs a good three weeks to just veg out and watch kids stab papers with markers. (okay, I'll prolly catch heat from some pointillism-loving art teacher for that one!). Love to you in beautiful Austria!!

    2. No heat here, but that business about buying time with pointillism is true! Also, I love the outfits too and the #onwednesdayswewearart which I'm totally adopting. I've been making artist headbands for a few years to round out the Ms. Frizzle side of my art teaching life. Keep rocking your art socks!

  2. I watched the entire video. Of course it is funny but I can see how valuable it is for teaching and I am think how to use it with my classes. Thank YOU for posting these and please post some more. I used the Mouse Color one with my kinder class and it was a great success.

    1. Awesome!! I'm so glad the Mouse Color was helpful! It's my goal to share videos I'm trying. Hearing words of encouragement always helps so I thank you! xo!

  3. You are so fabulous. I can imagine a young student thinking or saying 'you look like a princess!' Thanks for the inspiration and I look forward to watching the video.

    1. I have one first grade girl who ALWAYS greets me with a "Hello, pretty lady!" (which I of course reciprocate!) makes me smile each time. It also balances out the boy who likes to tell me I have a "Fat Eyeball Face". ;)

  4. What will you wear to jury duty?!!?!?

  5. Anonymous1/18/2016

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  6. charles1/28/2016

    Hey,what brand of watch are you wearing? I can't tell from a distance,a closeup would be nice. It looks cool!

    1. HI!! It's a Swatch, my mama found it on Amazon. I think she searched "color wheel watch"? I love it and so do the kids!

    2. Well,your momz knows your taste very well,as you must know. Super cool design,seemingly tailor made for you,keep rocking it! If the second hand is ticking around the dial,press the top button,it will stop,then press the bottom button,it will re set to 12. That is the chronograph movement,and is draining battery life. The tiny hand near 6 oclock is the actual second hand. This will save battery life,then you can rock it longer! I may have mentioned that already,but just in case...


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