Saturday, March 18, 2017

Art Teacherin' 101: Episode 32 CLEAN UP

Ah, yes. Clean up. You know, everyone dreads clean up: the kids because they are so into what they are creating and me because I have a different idea of clean up than my students (ahem). I've come up with some things that work and I've slapped 'em together in this here Art Teacherin' 101.

Also in this video, you'll see a clip of my students participating in something I've been calling The Clean Up Contest. This has been working fabulously with all of my classes, grades kinder thru fourth. My room is left spotless, the kids all clean, working together to make their table look the "even better than how you found it". My big rule is that they must do it silently...which really cuts down on the silly and helps them focus on tidying. 

I'll also be sharing with you how I do the Smartest Artist. This is a simple game that all of my students love.

Please share your tips and tricks on Clean Up Time! I know I'm always looking for ways to make this process more streamlined. 
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  1. Liked your ideas!!!
    As for cleanup...all brushes, cups and paints are near the sinks. A large mug is on counter for dirty brushes. It has a cartoon drawing of a brush taking a bath in a kids know dirty brushes need a soapy bath!
    Years ago i purchase hexagon Napa oil pans that are bright blue. Never used. And have sections for scissors, pencils, erasers...etc...stays on tables. Older kids refill at end of day. They are great.
    I teacb kids at a young age when clean up timer starts chimes, we have to stop, help eqch other to clean our table sections quickly. If not, we might not be able to finish work. Also, first table clean and ready gets to be in the front of line when leacing. Teachers help me by making a big deal to look at kids art in the front of the line first.
    Thanks again for all your great ideas. You are such an inspiration for a "old" teacher

    1. FABULOUS ideas!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. At the very beginning of class, I give a quick run down of how my room needs to look when the class ends. I have a few pictures to accompany the talk (for those kids who tune out my voice). This also helps if someone gets done early- they know just what to do.

  3. I have my kids line up at the sink with all their supplies, they then drop their portfolios off with me as they pass by and put their supplies up at the supply table. It's one big circle so that when they stop back by the sink they are in line to walk out the door. It cuts out on the chaotic scramble I used to have during cleanup.


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