Monday, October 23, 2017

In the Art Room: How to Paint Skin Tone!

My first grade students learned how to paint their own skin tones last week. When I shared this image on my IG, I was asked by several folks how I taught them to paint their skin tone in 30 minutes. Not gonna lie, with the reading of The Colors of Us and an explanation of just how to mix the "right" colors for us, we were pushing it time-wise. But I'm pretty infamous for running a late. Thankfully, my work buddies are super forgiving. 

Instead of explaining to y'all how I teach the firsties to make their own skin tone, I thought I'd film myself. You can find more videos of me teaching (so as to see what NOT to do, ha!) on my YouTube channel under the playlist A Glimpse Inside. 
Just a note: The book is The Colors of Us by Karen Katz and has been a favorite of mine for years. I read it every chance I get when it comes to us creating selfies. Also, we are using Blick tempera paint. I've used a lot of tempera over the years...definitely splurge on the more expensive stuff. I like Sax Versa Temp, Blick and Crayola...but not the washable stuff. Just a thought since I'm sharing our painting process.
And in case you are wondering what we are creating: our Royal Selfies, thank you very much! This image is from last year. We've just moved on to creating our faces...tomorrow we'll add our hair and start our crowns. If you'd like to see the complete lesson, you can find it here
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  1. Anonymous10/23/2017

    I miss your what I wore. I always look forward to seeing what stylish things you come up with!!

    1. I miss it too! I actually post what I wear now on my Instagram :)

  2. It was so helpful to 'observe' an art teacher in action (I am the only elementary art teacher in the district). I love this lesson, thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Anonymous10/26/2017

    Hi Cassie, do you have any students who don't want to paint their own skin tone and want to go lighter/darker instead? If so how do you handle that?

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  5. Nice activity. Suitable for all ages.

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