Sunday, April 19, 2020

Outer Space Week!

Who is as excited for Outer Space Week as I am? I'm thrilled to share the line-up of art projects that we'll be creating this week. I'll be LIVE on my Instagram and my Facebook page every weekday at 11am CT. If you miss out on any of the live art classes, not to worry! I archive each lesson to my YouTube channel. By the way, I've been adding a ton of new videos nearly every day so you might want to go ahead and subscribe so you don't miss out! 

Okay, here's the line-up and supply list for each day! 
If you don't have the ingredients to make the clay then Play-Doh is an excellent substitute. Any clay will work! 
"Take me to your leader!"...that's what my alien would say. What would yours say? This fun pop out is so silly because you can make your alien TALK! This process is also great for creating other moving and talking cards and pop-ups!
Here's something you can create and then interact with once complete. Tell stories, write plays, come up with your own universe! 
This is such a fun process. If you've been creating with me for a while, you might remember we did a project using this method for Robot Week
Big thanks to our sponsors! Dixon Ticonderoga supplies me with the most incredible art supplies on the planet! And Art to Remember allows us to create a gallery of our own artwork on line...which can be shared with family members and even printed on a multitude of items. Thank you so much, sponsors!
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