Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Simple, Small and Fast Stitching Project for Kids!

Last week, my fourth graders were wrapping up their pillow sewing project (we were doing the Faux Shibori project that you can find in my book Stitch and String Lab for Kids). I discovered that with my HUGE cookie cutter collection, I could give my students the opportunity to continue sewing if they wished. All you need for this project are the following:

*Cookie Cutters
*Chenille Needles (they are my favorite as they have a sharp point and a large eye)
*Stuffing or shredded paper or grocery bags for stuffing

My students were able to create these in my 30 minute art classes, if you can believe it! This is after their previous sewing project so by now, they are experts. If you want to make your own, I created a video for you! Here you go:

And if you are new to sewing and wish for a slower tutorial, here you go:

Please be sure and subscribe to my YouTube channel as I upload videos frequently. Have fun! 

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