Thursday, March 30, 2023

DIY Painted Jumpsuit!

DIY Painted Jumpsuit!
Hey, y'all! 

Okay, so...I KNOOOOOW I owe y'all a post about my favorite clay projects that I promised you, like, a couple weeks ago. Holy cats, I just looked...I promised that A MONTH ago. 

I'm not sure if y'all are aware but I stepped away from my art room on January 31st. Here I thought I was going to have so much time to return to blogging, creating content and all the rest and look at me. LOOK AT ME! I'm a whole month behind on blogging. Sometimes I wonder, how did I find the time before?! I have no clue. Looking to get back to all the things, including providing y'all with that promised blog post, real soon. But, in the mean time...

I painted a jumpsuit! And it was super fun and easy. I thought I'd share the process. 

So, here you go:

Now, I found my jumpsuit at the thrift. But if the thrift gods are not in your favor and you just want to get started, I created a whole list of supplies for you right here...including some really cute jumpsuits! 
I will say, this did take some time. Especially since I had to build in time for the paint to dry before flipping and painting the other side. The good news is I worked on two other DIYs at the same time (can't wait to share) so I was able to keep myself busy while I waited. 
This jumpsuit is super comfy to wear and I'm in LOVE with it. I'm totally tempted to wear it to NAEA next month (who else is going?!) BUT I have a feeling it will be a little too warm in San Antonio for that. ALSO...the problem with jumpsuits is...
When you gotta go to the bathroom! OMG! 
Thankfully, I can go to the bathroom when I like now that I'm not currently teaching. Pardon me if this is a little too TMI for you BUT...I know you teachers are sitting there nodding your heads. You know what I mean!

Anyway, I just wanted to share! I hope y'all have a fabulous day and I DO HOPE to be back real soon with more posts. 

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