Monday, September 11, 2023

DIY: Let's Sew a Dress from a Shower Curtain IN ONE DAY!

Recently, I was out poking around at Ross (for those unfamiliar, this is a discount everything store) and I stumbled upon the cutest shower curtain. It had a big and bold print on the fabric (which I love and is super hard to find) and it was Halloweenie! I'm a big fan of Halloween and I've already stitched up two dresses for the season (one I've not even shared here yet!). So I scooped up this shower curtain for a mere $8.99 and gave myself a challenge:


Let's see how it went:

Y'all! I love it! 

I was super surprised that the metallic print on the fabric was so resilient. It didn't chip off when I stitched it which was my big fear. The fabric is super light and flowy, making it perfect for a circle skirt. AND I was surprised to find that when I ironed the fabric, it didn't harm the print! 
I am wearing a crinoline under the dress to help with the poof. I'm a sucker for a poofy skirt. 
I'm returning to Halloween Horror Nights this week...which is in Orlando. Knowing it will be hot, I'm excited that the dress is so lightweight. I can't wait to wear it!
I paired it with this black belt but I'm thinking I may prefer the black bow. What do you think?

I paired it with this necklace I found at TJMaxx (clearly, I'm a shopper) and some fun earrings and hairclips that I've had for years.

So I'm happy to say...I can sew a dress in a day! From a shower curtain of all things!

AND I just remembered...this isn't my first time using a shower curtain for clothing! Check out this number!

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