Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DIY: Star Wars Meets Mad Men

So every May we go to this thing called Star Wars Weekends at Disney World. Which is this totally amazing experience (for the non-diehards and diehards alike) that involves a dance off between the Star Wars characters, a parade and talks by some of the actors and creators. Oh! And these insanely long (but worth the wait) lines where you can get your photo snapped smooching Chewbacca or high-fiving Darth Vader (kidding, dude does not high five).

 Last year I got into the spirit with this dress created from my childhood Star Wars sheets. And this year, I came up with the Star Wars Meets Mad Men ensemble you see here. I like to think Don and Darth would be equally impressed...'though neither would show it. Well, Darth might do some heavy breathing...but that's just to be expected.
You gotta check out this recreated Mad Men opening staring your fave bad guy. It was created by some genius of a guy named Dann Matthews. You best check it here.
But this dress wasn't my original plan. Oh no. I had sketches of a totally different design. But when I went to the fabric store, this navy print used the force and suddenly my plans changed. 

The Star Wars and crosshatch fabric can be found at Joann's. And of course I used my trusty Project Runway Simplicity pattern...that I've used here, here, here and geez, here.

Not really sure if I was sold on the fabric, I walked around the store carrying the bolt just to see if another fabric would speak to me (I know that sounds cheesy but if you are a fabric person, you know what I'm talking about). And that's when I saw that amazing retro-y crosshatch fabric. Immediately I got it in my head that I could make a vintage style Star Wars business suit of sorts. Which is when I had my Mad Men epiphany.
Two things I won't be wearing in the Florida heat: my crinoline and that dotted scarf.
And so I set to sewing. Which, after sewing varying versions of this dress five times now, wasn't so terribly bad. Usually I have some seam ripping experience of epic proportions but not this time. Aside from my sewing machine having a melt down at the last stitch, all went creepily well. Don't worry, I won't confuse this for skill. Just beginners-ish luck.
I'm pretty sure this would be the look ole Don would be giving me in my get up. Look, don't hate, Don Draper. Appreciate.
It was in the middle of my smooth sewing that I decided I needed a fedora. After all, one can't claim to be making a Mad Men dress and not have this hat. So off to Target I went where I found one in the quasi hipster section.
Doncha love this fabric? I'm scored it just the other day at the thrift store. I'm thinking it would be perfect for a fall shirt dress. With the hat, of course.
Okay, so I'm not really a fedora person. I like the retro appeal of the hat...but for me it's one of those current fads that falls into the same category as dudes wearing skinny shorts (sorry if I just insulted your boyfriend. But he really needs to stop). It just kinda makes me shutter. 

But, what's the saying, "When in Mad Men, do as the Mad Men do"? So a fedora for me it was.
Making this hat was like a 10 minute affair. I simply tore off the black band that was glued onto the hat. Then I measured the band and created a match with my Star Wars fabric.
I liked the detail of the fabric tuck (there has got to be a better word for that). I secured my tuckage with a couple of straight stitches.
Because I'm thinking of making more bands for my fedora, I didn't glue my Star Wars fabric into place. I simply slid it over the hat.
"So, like, Betty, I was using the force yesterday in an attempt to get hubs to cut the grass."

"Oh, yeah? How'd that work for you?"

"Erm, it didn't. Any suggestions?"

"Sorry. Looks like the farts, not the force, are strong with this one."

What?! Whatever, Betty Draper, you don't know me!
I get no respect. Not even on my own stinkin' blog.

And there you have it, my Star Wars Meets Mad Men dress for Star Wars Weekends! We leave bright and early tomorrow morning (right after I cut the grass, humph) and I'm entirely too excited. I'll be certain to keep you posted. Until then, may the farts be downwind of you!


  1. Very cute and fun!!!! I made my son a pair of shorts from that same fabric last year as he was into everything stars and had to wear a star wars shirt every day for about 4 months straight and wanted some pants to go with them. Funny though right when i finished the shorts he got over his obsession.

    1. Ha, that figures, right? Gotta love a kid with a Star Wars addictions...sign of good taste ;)

  2. So fun!!! We are a star wars, star trek, lost in space family!!! I loved the dress so much I showed my husband. He said "That's Fabulous" I so wished we lived closer! We could have a luncheon date and listen to some Julie London! :)

    1. Oh, then have you seen the FABULOUS fabric at Joann's?! They have the most amazing Star Trek fabric, I'm dying to get some! A luncheon date would rock...just swing by Nashville when you get a chance, okay ;)


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