Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What the Art Teacher Wore: #65

Who knew The Force was so strong in Germany? Photo snapped outside a Lego store in Nuremberg. sweater: vintage, thrifted; skirt: Free People; scarf: France; boots: The Walking Company; belt: Anthropologie
Ermay, if I promise you that these are the last of my vacay photos will you forgive me? I'm hoping so as I've totally enjoyed sharing my adventures with you. As ya know, we spent lovely four days in Paris which I blabbered about here and here. On the fifth day, we flew into Nuremberg, Germany to attend the wedding party of some friends. We arrived in the morning where hubs promptly went off to work leaving me to spend the day in Nuremberg...
Old Town Nuremberg is the beautiful part of the city that is completely walled in. A lovely place called the Imperial Castle sits at the very top of this walled fortress, overlooking the lay of the land. I traveled to this city over the summer where I was able to get much better photos of the view. You can see them here, if you don't mind all the photos of our school mascot in the mix. I adored this shop window of antique dolls.
The food in Paris was amazing, especially the desserts. Which I greatly missed while in Germany. Don't get me wrong, I do love me some pretzel bread. But this here vegetarian can only eat so many stinkin' pretzels!

That Imperial Castle I mentioned earlier? Well, here 'tis. Not exactly what you were expecting when I said "castle" was it? I think I love this more than my vision of a cold gray stone slab of a building. I think I have a weak spot for timber framed houses. And flowery window boxes. Oh, also those striped shutters!
More Imperial Castle awesomeness.

So after eating, shopping and exploring my way through Nuremberg, I had to get myself to the actual wedding party. By myself. Without a car. With the help of some super friendly Germans, I found the train station, my train and made it safely to Neustadt an der Aisch. Yeah, you ask for directions to that place ten times fast. I huffed it back to our hotel from the train station just in time to get dolled up and head over to the party...where this was taking place.

Yeah, so I'm not German. And I'm not familiar with their traditions. So this one was very fun and unique to me. The deal is, as a guest, you bring old ceramic plates to the wedding party. The bride and groom (pictured above in their traditional dress) wait outside while you wish them well and break dishes at their feet. They then sweep up the dishes and throw them away until not a single shard it left. Keep in mind that there were about 600 folks at this party. This bride and groom were working for at least 2 hours while the rest of us drank and dined.
Me and Mitch (aka hubs).

Because my hubs works for a German musical instrument company (called Meinl, if you're interested), we've traveled there frequently. When we do, we always stay at what's become my favorite hotel, the Allee. It sits right beside a sweet little park with a pond where you can see the ducks swimming and folks out walking their dogs.
The following day hubs and I got up and took a day trip to the town of Bamberg, aka the Venice of Germany. As you drive through the countryside of Germany (which is exactly that, beautiful countrysides), you pass through these amazingly old towns filled with castles and churches older than the country I live in. sweater: DIY, here; top, coat and pants: Anthropologie; scarf: Orla Kiely

Everything was blooming. We strolled the streets and shops of Bamberg even stumbling upon a vintage flea market.

I struck a pose on this very bridge this summer. I had to snap a picture of this tour guide and her rapt Harley audience.
Okay Bamberg, Venice of Germany you may be, but I think I'd much rather find myself in a gondola than a kayak going upstream!
We ended our evening back in Nuremberg to have dinner with some friends. The city was insanely busy because they were celebrating something called Blue Nights...which was basically like a pub crawl illuminated with blue light bulbs. Hey, I'm down with any kind of celebration, don't get me wrong! Just as long as I'm not the one sweeping up a mountain of plates. 

Thanks for enduring the last of my Euro-vacay photos. You deserve a pretzel.

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