Wednesday, December 9, 2020

How to Draw Winter Pups and Kittens!

Hey there, friends! I recently had to take some time off from school putting me out of my classroom for three weeks. I'm fine, everything's fine (and no, I didn't have covid) but coming back...that didn't feel fine. Projects that we'd left hanging for the last three weeks didn't seem the best place to pick up where we left off. So I decided to give my youngest artists and myself a break from those projects and start something new. These little cats and dogs inspired by artist, author and illustrator Angie Rozelaar seemed like the perfect thing. Above is what my first graders created in 30 minutes. I got a lot of questions on this over on my IG so I decided to create a video. Here you go:

Feel free to use in your teaching world! All I ask is that credit be given when asked. I always share lessons and resources FOR only "payment" required is that my lessons not be sold on TPT (it happens ALL THE TIME) and that credit be given. Please and thank you!
Just for a little variety, I decided to have my second graders draw pups instead of kittens. This tutorial can also be found in the video. Have fun, y'all! And here's to making it through this last week and a half before break!

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