Thursday, December 31, 2020

21 Art Lessons with the Theme of Love!

Who's ready to kick off this new year with a whole lotta love, color and bright, fun lessons? BUT who's also not done any real thinkin' about said lessons?! If you said ME to both of those questions than I gotta tell ya, YOU AND ME BOTH. Luckily, I've done a whole lotta love lessons over the years and put all 21 of 'em right here in this blog post. If you follow the links to these, you'll find videos for most and lesson details for ll of them. Have fun creating!
Learn how to draw each of these cuties in these how to draw videos, found here
Kindergarten tried their hand at printing with this project and had such a blast! 
These relief hearts by kindergarten were a hit and definitely a lesson I hope to repeat soon! 
Of course, you can't celebrate all things love and Valentines-y without sharing the work of Chris Uphues with your students! We've done a couple lessons inspired by him. This one is a collage and printing project. 
This lesson has always been a hit on my blog with other art teachers and my students. In fact, I created this lesson as a sub plan so it's been a hit with my subs too! You can find all the details and video here.
My students created this HUGE collaborative mural inspired buy Britto. Lesson video here!
First grade created these huge Britto-inspired hearts with bingo daubers, bleeding tissue paper and paint sticks. Lesson details here. 
Ready to tackle printmaking with your students? Here's a lesson I've done a couple of years now with my second graders: Robert Indiana-inspired LOVE prints! 
I created these hearts with wings with foil, Celluclay and plaster strips! They are super simple to make. More here. 
Inspired by those hearts, I created a lesson for my second graders to make these
A couple of years ago, I did a professional development with the faculty and staff at my school. We created these My Heart Has Wings sculptures. Details here. 
Here was a fun lesson where we were able to use our messy mats as apart of our masterpiece! Not only that but this project provided two heart-tastic pieces for the price of one. These...
And these!
If you are looking to have your students create a large collaborative piece, you can see what each grade level worked on to make this piece here
Looking for a quick lesson that introduces students to three contemporary artists who used love and hearts as their theme? Check out this blog post with a video lesson! 
James Rizzi is always a fun artist to share with your students. We loved creating these love birds!
Here's another lesson we do just about every year in first grade: these woven and stitched hearts! All the lesson details can be found here. I created a variation of this lesson recently where students weave together strips of paper in their skin tones. You can find it here. 
These candy hearts were created by my fourth graders and we used plaster strips to create them. It was so fun to see these all come together and display them in a large candy heart box! Lesson details here. 
Early finishers of the candy hearts lesson moved onto this project when they were finished! 
Wow, did the third graders have a blast with this one! We made plaster chocolates that looked good enough to eat! All the lesson details here. 
Need a quick lesson with a contemporary artist inspiration? Try this JGoldcrown lesson on for size!

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