Monday, August 17, 2015

DIY: Artsy Sew Along Skirt, Completed!

Well, heyyyyy. Look who finally finished her Artsy Sew Along skirt! Actually, I shouldn't say "finally finished" because this lil number was completed a while back. I should say look who finally got around to editing and posting her how-to vid clips. Yikes, y'all! My apologies for the delay! I told my hubs, "I am never gonna do another sew along again, I'm terrible about making and posting all the videos!" and he was all, "Wait. You mean you didn't just make the skirt all in one day while recording it?" Um. No. That woulda been, like, the smart thing to do! And, y'all. There's not to much of that smart biznatch happening 'round here. Juuuust sayin'. 
But now it's done, the vids are complete and I've got this goofball lil number to show for it! 
So, stitchers, what have you thought of this pattern? I did some homework before cutting into the pattern and discovered that several folk said the waist sat low. I'm all about hitting-at-the-waist kind of vibe as I don't think the blow-the-waist looks good on me. So I did have to take the waist in a pinch while stitching. What did y'all think? Love it? Hate it? Ever make another one? I gotta be honest, this skirt pattern ended up being a lil "meh" for me. I don't know that I'll be making more. Tho I did love those pockets, y'all. And this was my first time making belt loops so that was cool. 
Now that the skirt is done, I gotta admit, I flipping hate that pop of yellow in the pocket. WHUUUUT was I thinking. It just looks...weird. Especially on the side. Although, I didn't even think twice about it until hubs said, "I don't like that yellow thing" and now that's all I hear when I wear the skirt! So, it's his fault. Tis the reason men should not be allowed in sewing rooms. 

And now, vid clips!
In this blog post, we about to do bunches of stuffs...
Like making a waistband! Remember, try this on after you make it to see if you like that dropped waist fit. 
Put in a zipper! Don't tell your home ec teacher you used tape to put in a zip, okay? Shhhhh, our secret!
Let's hem! I do love a sewing gauge for hemming tho it's not necessary. But they are cheap and I bet you have one laying just didn't know what it was for (like me!).
And there you have it, the last of the Artsy Sew Along for now (or forever, talk to me in about a month). I'd LOVE to see your skirts, kids! You can share them on the ASA page or shoot me an email at 

For the rest of the ASA blog posts you can start here, then go here!  photo signature_zpsd10b3273.png


  1. You know what would fix those yellow pockets? A tiny bit of red fabric dye. Just tone the pop down a little so it doesn't stand out quite so much and then the skirt will be perfect. Awesome styling with the cute top and head scarf.

  2. I like the yellow pocket...maybe wear a yellow shirt with it?

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  4. Hi,
    Is there a way to see these videos?


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